Curse of King Mintin Island

Curse of King Mintin Island

Curse of King Mintin Island

Curse of King Mintin Island

      Once upon a time, on the island of Mintin, part of the Downstream Kahayan, there was a kingdom led by the wise and prudent king. The king ruled his kingdom justly and wisely so that the kingdom was famous. People lived in prosperity. This kingdom became a peaceful and prosperous region. (Also read : THE LEGEND OF MANINJAU LAKE)

      The king had two sons. Their names were Dragon and Crocodile. They really had difference character. Dragon had a negative character as the disappearing happy, drunk and gamble. While crocodile had positive character, generous, warm-hearted and useful.

      One day the queen died. She was the woman most loved by the king. The passing away of the queen made a king trembled. His heart was sad abysmal. To reduce despondent, the king determined to sail.

      To continue the reign of king on the throne, the king gave it to his sons. The king explained everything related to the duties of a leader to them. Both children listened carefully, they accepted that responsibility. Because after the death of the king, his two sons, who ruled the kingdom. But unfortunately the new fundamental problems appeared. (Also read other article at : True Friend Will Not Run Away)

      But what happened, so the king was not in place, the dragon do as one pleases. He likes to dissipate, squander the treasure. While the crocodile tried to counsel his brother. But instead of receiving good advice, the dragon instead asked for a debate. Not just a war of words, quarrel broke up involving subordinates, causing many casualties.

      In his voyage, the king suddenly felt uneasy, like something was wrong. So, he ordered to ship captain turned back to the palace. Arriving at the palace he was surprised to see his two sons in a war with fierce. He was really angry. Aloud he said to the dragon and crocodile. (Also read other article at : Latihan Soal UNBK Bahasa Inggris)

      “Truly outrageous! You have ruined the tranquility of the country. Many royal soldiers were killed. Presumably you busy yourself. People are not neglected. You must be punished! You, Crocodile. You have to live in the water. You are allowed to settle here because of your fault bit. I command you to keep track Mintin Island. Meanwhile, You, Dragon. You must be real dragon. You are the cause of all this mess and go and go to the Kapuas. You are tasked with protecting the Kapuas river in order not overgrown with fungus bantilung.”

      Curse of the King fatal. The sky suddenly became dark, lightning and thunder boomed endlessly. A moment later Crocodile became a crocodile animal and settled on the island Mintin while Dragon turns into a serpent and lived in the Kapuas river.

The End of Curse of King Mintin Island Story

      That’s all the story of Curse of King Mintin Island we can share for this occasion. We hope the story of Curse of King Mintin Island above can be useful for everyone. (Also read other article at : Pelaku Pertama Dalam Islam)

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