Crying Stone Legend

Crying Stone Legend

Crying Stone Legend

        One more story will be posted in this occasion, this is about Crying Stone Legend. I hope the story of Crying Stone Legend is not only as entertainment but it is also as education us. And below is the complete story of Crying Stone Legend. (also read : The Legend of Mount Kelud)

The Crying Stone Legend.

        Once upon a time in a small village in Kalimantan, there lived an old widow. She lived with her daughter. Her daughter was a beautiful girl. However, she had a bad personality. She was an arrogant and lazy girl. She never helped her mother do the housework. She also did not care about what her mother’s problem. Every day, she put make up and wore her best clothes. She used to desire to be seen as a rich and beautiful girl.

        One day, the old widow and her daughter went to the market. They wanted to buy something in the market. The location of the market was really a long way from their house, so they had to walk miles away. At first, actually, her daughter refused to accompany her mother, but finally she agreed in one condition. “I’ll go with you, but you must walk behind me,” said the daughter to her mother. She didn’t want to walk side by side with her mother. Although her mother was very sad, she agreed to walk behind her daughter.

        The daughter walked in front of her mother. She wore a beautiful dress. Meanwhile, her mother walked behind her. Her dress was dirty and ugly. On the way to the market, everybody admired the girl’s beauty. But they were also curious. Behind the beautiful girl, there was an old woman with a dirty and ugly dress. The girl and her mother looked very different. “Hello, beautiful girl. Who is the old woman behind you? Is she your mother?” they asked. “No, she is not my mother. She is my servant,” the girl answered. Her mother was very sad to hear that, but she didn’t say anything. She could understand that her daughter was ashamed.

        They continued their journey to the market. And then, a young man met them and asked, “Hey sweetie, is that your mother who is walking behind you?”

        “No. She’s really different from me. How could you say that she’s my mother? She is my servant,” replied the girl. And again the girl answered that her mother is her servant. She used to say that her mother was her servant every time people asked.

        Her mother was really disappointed with Lisa. She couldn’t bear it. Her daughter’s sentences had hurt her. The poor widow finally prayed to God, “Oh, God. I can’t stand this. My daughter always humiliates me. I am so disappointed with her. Please give her punishment.” With the power of God, suddenly, the girl’s leg turned into stone. Slowly, the processed continuing to the upper part of the girl’s body. The girl was in panic. “Mother, please forgive me! Mother!” she cried and asked her mother to forgive her. But it was already too late. Her whole body finally became a big stone. Although all of the girl’s body had turned into a stone, people could see that the stone was crying. Until now, people can still see tears falling down from the stone. People then call it Batu Menangis (the crying stone).

        That’s all about the Crying Stone Legend I can share to my beloved reader. Hopefully the story of Crying Stone Legend above can be useful for us. (also read : The Legend of Surabaya)

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