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Crocodiles and The Dayaks

Crocodiles and The Dayaks

Crocodiles and The Dayaks

Crocodiles and The Dayaks

 Long time ago, when the Dayak tribe was known as one of the most powerful tribes in the world, the tribe lived peacefully side by side with their beloved nature. This condition had made most of the Dayak men grew as the son of the jungle and well known as the best hunters ever. However, there was one animal could not live side by side peacefully with the tribe, it was the crocodile.

 One day, a Dayak man who was a very good hunter went to the jungle to hunt some animals for food of his family as a dinner. The sky was getting dark when he returned home carrying four jungle fowls. At the end of the jungle, near a big river, he was startled to see a large crocodile on the path in front of him. The crocodile was staring at him in a strange way. The man who was aware of the cruelness and bad temper of the crocodile tried to avoid the dangerous situation by starting a friendly conversation. “Where are you going, Mr. Crocodile?” he asked. (Also read : Corruptor Job Profession)

 “I am looking for some food, and starting swimming up. But then, as I see you my spirit rises again.” said the crocodile satirically.

 “Well, why don’t you come home with me? I am sure my wife will be happy to cook something for you. Or we can cook these two jungle fowls and have dinner together.”

 The Dayak thought that it was the best way for him to answer the crocodile. He was afraid that if he did not treat the crocodile politely, the crocodile would be angry and tried to eat him up in a tricky way.

 “Thank you,” replied the crocodile. “It is a very interesting invitation.” He was curious to see how the Dayaks lived as had never visited one of their houses before. Besides, the man was very friendly and could talk to him very well. It would be a very good chance for him to live along with the Dayak tribe.

 They then went together to Dayak’s house and had dinner. After eating the meal that Mrs. Dayak had cooked for him, the crocodile said, “I feel welcome and very comfortable here. Can I stay with you any longer?”

 “Oh, of course,” the Dayak said. He thought that it would make him became a very important man to have a crocodile staying at his house. (Also read other article at : Comfortable House My Palace)

 “Why don’t you allow him to marry our daughter?” his wife asked one day.

 “You must be out of your mind!” her husband cried.

 “Well, is there something wrong with my idea? Have you never heard the old Dayak story about the crocodile that married a girl and afterward changed into a handsome, rich young man?”

 “I don’t believe in fairy stories,” her husband said. “In real life it would be possible if you do not like creature like crocodile to marry a young girl.”

“All right,” she answered, “even if he’s not a handsome, rich, young man, he will have to work to support you. That’s the Dayak custom, don’t you remember?”

 Finally, the man agreed with his wife’s idea, and allowed the crocodile marrying his daughter with the hope that the crocodile will always support his family.

 As the time gone by, the man soon found out that his son-in-law was lazy and good for nothing. The crocodile only wanted to lie in the sun all day long and show his sharp teeth from time to time. He refused to do any work. He would not even catch fish for his wife. (Also read other article in Indonesian version at : Fungsi dan Generic Structure Discussion Text)

 One day, when the supply of rice was lacking, Mr. Dayak tried to force the crocodile to work in the rice field. The crocodile refused to do the work and threatened Mr. Dayak to give him more food by opening his tribe-looking mouth and showing his sharp teeth. The news of this condition spread to the other villagers, and all of the villagers very soon hated the crocodile.

 “What shall we do?” they asked each other. “If we keep quite; all of the crocodiles will think that we are afraid of them. We must find a way to teach him a good lesson.”

 Therefore, one day, while he was sleeping, they jumped on him and cut him to pieces.

 The news of what had happened quickly reached the king of the crocodiles. Surprisingly enough, he agreed with what the Dayaks had done. “Customs are important,” he said quietly. “They must always be followed. As he married a Dayak girl, he should have followed the Dayaks customs. He deserved what he got.”.

 Therefore, to this day, a crocodile will not dare to look Dayak in the face or do any harm to him. And the Story of Crocodiles and The Dayaks is end.

 That’s all the post story of Crocodiles and The Dayaks we can share for this occasion. We hope the story of Crocodiles and The Dayaks from East Kalimantan above can amuse us. (Also read other article in Indonesian version at : Soal Pilihan Ganda Materi Bola Basket)

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