Conversation at The Library

Conversation at The Library

Conversation at The Library

Conversation at The Library

       One day Raihani went to the University’s library because he had to find some book’s references for his last assignment. When he was arriving in the library, he met Mr. Bhudy, the Mr. Bhudy, and the conversation started as below. (Also read : Conversation Going to Traditional Market)

Raihani : Excuse me sir. May I come in?

Mr. Bhudy : Yes, please! Come in.

Raihani : Thank you, sir.

Mr. Bhudy : What can I do for you?

Raihani : I want to take some books.

Mr. Bhudy : I’m sorry. You cannot take some books. You can take only one book at a time.

Raihani : Oh, I see. I want The Multiplayer Classroom: Designing Coursework as a Game.

Mr. Bhudy : Mm! Let me check.

Raihani : Is it available sir?

Mr. Bhudy : Yes, it is available.

Raihani : Where is it?

Mr. Bhudy : It is in the third shelf in the extreme corner.

Raihani : Shall I take the book?

Mr. Bhudy : Where is your old book?

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Raihani : Here it is.

Mr. Bhudy : What is the name of the book?

Raihani : Campbell, Joseph. The Hero with a Thousand Faces.

Mr. Bhudy : What’s the due date?

Raihani : I think its 25th April.

Mr. Bhudy : What’s the date today?

Raihani : Today is 4th May.

Mr. Bhudy : You must pay the fine then.

Raihani : Sorry sir.

Mr. Bhudy : I can’t help you. I must follow the rules.

Raihani : How much I should pay?

Mr. Bhudy : Only Rp.5.000,-.

Raihani : Here is the money sir.

Mr. Bhudy : Alright take the book.

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Raihani : One more clarification sir, Shall I ask you?

Mr. Bhudy : Yes, you will.

Raihani : What are the newspapers available here?

Mr. Bhudy : All the news papers are available here.

Raihani : Thank you sir.

Mr. Bhudy : You are welcome.

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