Conversation at the Drugstore

Conversation at the Drugstore

Conversation at the Drugstore

Conversation at the Drugstore

       One day Mr. Gustav went to the Drugstore for some medicines from the prescription of the doctor’s note. When he was arriving in the Drugstore, he met a Pharmacist, and the conversation started as below. (Also read : Conversation at The Library)

Mr. Gustav : Good afternoon

The Pharmacist : Good afternoon, What can I do for you, Sir?

Mr. Gustav : I would like to take some medicine for my prescription.

The Pharmacist : Sure thing, can you give me the prescription of doctor’s note?

Mr. Gustav : Here it is.

The Pharmacist : Okay, give me a moment.

Mr. Gustav : By the way, there is also something else I want to buy.

The Pharmacist : What do you need?

Mr. Gustav : Do you have a cough syrup?

The Pharmacist : What kind of cough? Dry or Phlegm?

Mr. Gustav : For dry cough. (Also read other article at : Jenis dan Contoh Kata Bantu Kerja TO DO)

The Pharmacist : You can find one on the third aisle.

Mr. Gustav : What does the packaging look like?

The Pharmacist : You can find many brands for dry cough. But I suggest you take the green one.

Mr. Gustav : Okay!

The Pharmacist : Your medicine related to prescription will be ready in a minute.              

Mr. Gustav : Thanks! I also need something for my wife. She hurt her leg yesterday. Maybe I should get a bandage for it.

The Pharmacist : There are some bandages on the second aisle, if you wanna have a look.

Mr. Gustav : Okay, thanks. There sure is a lot of helpful things here.

The Pharmacist : Of course, it’s a complete drugstore. Do you have a first aid kit?

Mr. Gustav : I don’t, actually. Is it better to have one? (Also read other article at : Bulan Masih Merindukan Bintang)

The Pharmacist : Yes, it is. It’s very useful. I’ll get one for you so you can have a look at it.               

Mr. Gustav : That’s very nice of you. Have my medicines of prescription been ready?

The Pharmacist : Yeah, here it is. And here’s the first aid kit. What do you think?

Mr. Gustav : Okay, I think I’ll take that as well.

The Pharmacist : Alright, you’re all set.

Mr. Gustav : Thank you!

The Pharmacist : You are welcome, Sir!

Mr. Gustav : Good bye!

The Pharmacist : Good bye!

       That’s all our post about the example of Conversation at the Drugstore we can share for this occasion. We hope the post about the example of Conversation at the Drugstore above can be useful for us to increase our English, especially our ability to improve our speaking skill. (Also read other article at : Soal Uraian Subjunctive Wish)

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