Conversation at the Bus Stop

Conversation at the Bus Stop

Conversation at the Bus Stop

Conversation at the Bus Stop

      Everywhere we are, we need to communicate, at school, in the office, in the airport, bus stop, bank, hotel or other place. For improving our speaking skill, in this occasion we want to share an example of Conversation at the Bus Stop. The topic of conversation we share below is about someone who need to get information about the next bus turn bus. So, Let’s go to the example of conversation. (Also read : Expression of Asking and Giving Clarification)

Here is the example of Conversation someone at the Bus Stop

Robby: Excuse me, I need some information. Could you help me, please?

Suzanne: Sure. What is it?

Robby: Could you tell me which bus goes to Rawamangun Street?

Suzanne: Trans Jakarta Corridor Three.

Robby: When this bus will be here? (Also read other article at : Beautiful Sunshine In The Morning)

Suzanne: It’ll be here in about ten minutes. You look to be in a hurry.

Robby: Yeah, I have an interview at the bank on that street. Are you sure the bus will be on time?

Suzanne: It must be. It never gets late.

Robby: I am counting on it.

Suzanne: Good luck on the interview, man.

Robby: Thank you for everything.

(Some minute later)

Suzanne: That is the bus coming. (Also read other article in Indonesian version at : UAS IPA Kelas 8 Semester Ganjil Bagian 1)

Robby: Okay, I am going to get on the bus. Good bye.

Suzanne: be careful. Good bye.

        That’s all the post of speaking material about Conversation at the Bus Stop we can share in this occasion. We hope by reading the example of conversation at bus stop above can help us to improve our English Skill. Especially our skill in speaking skill. (also read other article in Indonesian version at: Fungsi Setiap Jenis Kata Tanya Bahasa Inggris)

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