Conversation at the Bus Station

Conversation at the Bus Station

Conversation at the Bus Station

      When we go somewhere by bus, usually we get in or get out via bus station. Meanwhile sometimes we need to talk to someone there for having communication. For this, in this occasion we want to share about an example of Conversation at the Bus Station. 

Below is the example of Conversation at the Bus Station:

STEVANIE: “Has Bus 47 come yet?”

ROBBY: “No. I think it is late today.”

STEVANIE: “Do you ride this bus every day?”

ROBBY: “Yes, I do. What about you?” (Also read : Conversation at the Bank)

STEVANIE: “Not every day. Only a couple of times a week.”

ROBBY: “Well, I think the bus is late today because of the rain.”

STEVANIE: “Oh. Does the weather make a difference?”

ROBBY: “Yes. The bus is usually several minutes late when it rains.”

STEVANIE: “Is it because of bad traffic?”

ROBBY: “Yes and probably because of car accidents.”

STEVANIE: “That makes sense. I must have picked the wrong day to ride the bus.”

ROBBY: “Actually, I think riding the bus on rainy days is better.”


ROBBY: “Then you don’t have to drive in bad traffic. Someone is driving for you.”

STEVANIE: “You are totally right! I am going to check the weather from now on. I’m going to take the bus when it rains.” (Also read other article at : My Best Friend Is My Rival)

ROBBY: “Then I will see you here at the bus station.”

STEVANIE: “Great! It was nice talking with you.”

ROBBY: “Yes, it was. I think our bus is coming now.”

STEVANIR: “Let’s go then.”

ROBBY: “Okay”

      That’s all our post about the example of Conversation at the Bus Station we can share for this occasion. We hope the post above will be useful for us to increase our English, especially our ability to improve our speaking skill. (Also read other article in Indonesian version at : Pidato Bahasa Inggris Tentang Hindari Konsumsi Narkoba)

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