Conversation at the Bank

Conversation at the Bank

Conversation at the Bank

      We believe that most of us have been ever gone to the bank for doing transaction. For this, we want to share an example about Conversation at the Bank so that we can get improve our speaking skill on doing Conversation at the Bank. (also read : Conversation on Telephone about Banking)

Below is the Conversation at the Bank:

Customer Service  : Good morning, Sir. What can I do for you?

Customer               : Good morning. Can I cash a cheque here?

Customer Service  : Yes, Sir. Please go to the first counter on the left side.

Customer               : Thank you. Is it the teller system there?

Customer Service : Yes, Sir. You will get your money instantly there.

(At the first counter)

Teller                    : Excuse me, Sir. Can I help you?

Customer              : I want to get this cheque cashed.

Teller                 : How much money do you want to cash your cheque, Sir?

Customer               : I need to cash twenty five million rupiahs notes.

Teller                  : I am sorry, Sir; I have only ten million rupiahs notes. However, if you can wait, I will get fifteen million notes left as well.

Customer                : No, Thanks! I won’t like to wait any longer. Ten million rupiahs notes are alright with me.

Teller                       : Let me see your cheque, Sir…. Well, please sign on the back of your cheque.

Customer                : O.K.! Here you are.

Teller                     : And please also sign on this beneath corner, Sir.

Customer               : O.K.! Here it is. Is there any other?

Teller                     : that’s all, Sir. Just a minute. …. Let’s look at the money on the counter machine.

Customer                 : Well.

Teller                    : Here is your cash, sir. Please ensure that you have got exactly the right amount. Is there any other I can do for you, Sir?

Customer                   : That’s all. Thank you very much.

Teller                          : You are welcome. Have a nice day, sir.

      That’s all our post about Conversation at the Bank we can share for this occasion. We hope it will be useful for us to increase our English. (also read : Asking Someone Identity)

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