Conversation at School Canteen

Conversation at School Canteen

Conversation at School Canteen

      This is another material of speaking corner. It is Conversation at School Canteen that we can share for this occasion so that we can be able having more understanding about variety of conversation situation and purpose. (also study : Conversation on Telephone about Banking)

Let’s go to the example of Conversation at School Canteen.

Conversation at School Canteen

Paula    : Hi Nancy, Why do you just stay in the class? Let’s go to the canteen.

(Nancy and Paula are from different class in the same grade. However, they are close friend)

Nancy   : Actually in this break time I have to finish my homework. But, no problem, I can do it later.

Paula    : This homework should be done at home, why didn’t you do it at home?

Nancy   : That’s my bad habit? Any problem?

Paula    : Not really.

Nancy   : Let’s go now!

And they are going to the school canteen. ……

When they are at the canteen.

Nancy   : What do you want to order?

Paula    : I think fried rice and ice tea.

Nancy   : Ok, wait a minute, I tell your order.

Paula    : Ok, thank you.

Nancy   : No problem.

A few minutes later.

Paula    : The waiter told me that we might have to wait for little bit long because there are so  many orders.

Nancy   : No problem. I am not in hurry. Hey, tell me about the English examination yesterday.. I mean maybe the questions will be the same for my class.

Paula    : Hmmm, when will the exam be held in your class?

Nancy   : Tomorrow morning. It will be held in the third hour.

Paula    : Ok, you need to study about Recount Text, Simple Past Tense, and Regular – Irregular Verbs. The questions are related to those topics.

Nancy   : Ok, and is there any other topic?

Paula    : Hmmm, as I remember that is all. However, you have to be able to apply them in the context of text or dialogue.

Nancy   : Thank you Paula. What are the kinds of those questions? I mean multiple choice or essay?

Paula    : Essay! It’s gonna be so difficult. You need to study hard.

Nancy   : Really? I must prepare it well.

Paula    : Yes of course.

Nancy   : May I ask your notes because my notes are not complete enough for the examination.

Paila      : No problem. Just visit my home tonight or after school.

Nancy   : Ok. Thank you Nancy.

Paula    : You’re welcome. Our foods are coming, let’s eat.

      That’s all our post about Conversation at School Canteen we can share in this occasion. We hope our post about Conversation at School Canteen above can be useful for improving our English skill. (also study : Expression for Conversation at Airport)

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