Conversation about Weather

Conversation about Weather

Conversation about Weather

        After discussing about some words related to the weather, now we will continue our discussion about the weather. In this case we will talk about example of conversation about weather. However, before giving example of Conversation about Weather, it is better we are giving some phrases that we might hear people saying about the weather. (also read : Common Words Describe Weather)

Below is the material of Conversation about Weather

Some phrases sometimes people use in Conversation about Weather:

Lovely day!

It’s turned out nice again.

Terrible weather, isn’t it?

Isn’t this weather miserable?

Isn’t it cold today?

I hear it’ll clear up later.

It’s looking nice out today.

And below some examples of Conversation about Weather

Conversation about good weather

Linda: Don’t you think it’s really nice outside today?

Randy: Yes, I think it is really nice day. The weather is perfect.

Linda: But I want it is going to rain.

Randy: I hope so. I hope the rain will drop soon.

Linda: I love it. The sky looks so clean after it rains. I especially love the night air after the rains.

Randy: I know. The rain does make it smell cleaner. I would love it if it rains today.

Linda: Yeah, so will I.

Going out in nice weather

Sakinah: I would really like to go to the beach this weekend.

Linda: That sounds fun. What’s the weather going to be like?

Sakinah: The forecast said it will be warm on the weekend.

Linda: So do you think it will be perfect weather for the beach?

Sakinah: Certainly. It sounds like it will be.

Linda: I really hope it doesn’t get cold.

Sakinah: I want this trip to be perfect. I hope it stays warm.

Changing schedule due to weather

Randy: It doesn’t look very nice outside today.

Sakinah: That’s true. I think we should postpone our plans for the beach.

Randy: Yeah, the weather is turning horrible. Weather forecast says it might rain.

Sakinah: Let’s plan for some other day when the weather is better.

Randy: That would be perfect. Wish the weather is pleasant soon.

Sakinah: Yeah! Me too.

Conversation of Tomorrow’s weather

Randy: It’s so cold today!

Sakinah: Yes, I know. I hope it’s warmer tomorrow.

Randy: No. Actually it’s going to be even cooler.

Sakinah: Well. How do you know that?

Randy: I read tomorrow’s forecast.

Sakinah: The forecast? Then you don’t need to worry. It will certainly be warm. The forecast guys never get it right.

Randy: Really? I hope so for our sake!

        That’s all our post of Conversation about Weather that we can share. Hopefully the post of Conversation about Weather above can add our view about variety of conversation so we can improve our English understanding, especially our reading skill. (also read : Expression and Response of Surprise)

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