Conversation about Traffic Jam

Conversation about Traffic Jam

Conversation about Traffic Jam

Conversation about Traffic Jam

Syahrial: Hello Machruz, how are you?

Machruz: I’m fine.

Syahrial: Why are you so late in the office today?

Machruz: Because I have been stuck in a traffic jam

Syahrial: Are you comfortable with traffic jam?

Machruz: Of course not at all. I feel annoyed.

Syahrial: Why does it happen?

Machruz: Because there are too many vehicles on the streets during rush hours. It is really a painful experience as I have got stuck in traffic jam.

Syahrial: How often do you sit in a traffic jam? (Also read : Conversation Between Nurse and Patient in Hospital)

Machruz: Just every day, when I finish office hour and go back home.

Syahrial: What time in a day are you usually caught in a traffic jam?

Machruz: In rush hour at 7 a.m and 5 p.m

Syahrial: How long does it take to escape from the traffic jam?

Machruz: At least half an hour.

Syahrial: What do you do while waiting in a long line?

Machruz: I often glance at my watch actually.

Syahrial: Have you ever had any trouble caused by traffic jam?

Machruz: Yes, just yesterday I was late for an important meeting with my clients.

Syahrial: How has the traffic situation changed recently?

Machruz: There are more vehicles, which makes traffic jam more and more serious.

Syahrial: That’s really sad. Traffic jam has become a serious problem nowadays for the people of this city.

Machruz: Oh, yes! I am also bothered with the traffic jam in this city. (Also read other article at : Pengertian dan Susunan Tata Surya)

Syahrial: It is killing our valuable time cruelly. Still nobody knows when we will get released from this nuisance.

Machruz: Exactly! Nobody comes forward to solve the problem. The main cause for this traffic jam is the applying of huge numbers of cars.

Syahrial: Yes, during office hours, we find hundred of cars and buses blocking the roads. It is mainly caused when different vehicles want to move ahead overtaking each other. 

Machruz: Right. Huge number of cars and buses in the narrow roads are contributing much to this problem. There are some other causes also.

Syahrial: Yes, there are too many cars in proportion to our roads, and roads are not so wide as they should be. Mismanagement is also a big factor for this problem.

Machruz: You are right. The unfavorable street conditions and violation of the traffic rules are contributing much to traffic jam in this city.

Syahrial: You are correct. But how can we get rid of this curse in this city? (Also read other article at : Feel Happy in Sweet Home)

Machruz: I believe this problem can be solved by proper management of the whole traffic system. Illegal and unlicensed cars, buses, and rickshaws should be taken off.

Syahrial: Exactly! Besides, the streets should be widened, flyovers at the main crossings should be made, the drivers should be properly trained, and sufficient traffic police should be employed to control the traffic.  

Machruz: That’s right. The authority should come forward with all these measures to solve traffic jam.

Syahrial: Thank you very much for your valuable suggestions. Good bye.

Machruz: You are welcome. Bye and see you again.

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