Contoh Soal UN Bahasa Inggris Procedure Text

Contoh Soal UN Bahasa Inggris Procedure Text

       Contoh Soal UN Bahasa Inggris Procedure Text. After posting “Soal UN about Report Text, now is the time for sharing another kind of questions related to kinds of text. It is “Soal UN about Procedure Text that is also found in English National Test (UN = Ujian Nasional) for the students of the last year class, whether they are in Junior High School or Senior High School. The purpose of sharing is to make easier for the students to understand about the material of Report Text I have ever posted.
Let’s go to the questions
The following text is for questions number 1 to 5.

        1 pineapple cut into dices
        3 glasses of water
        1 glass of granulated sugar
        1.  Boil water until boiled.
        2.  Then add sugar, cinnamon, and clovers.
        3.  Bring it to boil and add the pineapples.
        4.  Wait until you can smell the pineapple.
        5.  Remove from heat and serve cold.

1.  The recipe tells you how to make ….
       a.  ingredients
       b.  dice
       c.  granulated sugar
       d.  pineapple stew

2.  What ingredients are needed to make pineapple stew?
       a.  Dice, glass, sugar
       b.  Pineapples, water, sugar
       c.  Glass, water, sugar
       d.  Pineapples, dice, water

3.  How much sugar do we need?
       a.  1 glass
       b.  3 glasses
       c.  1 cup
       d.  3 spoons

4.  When do we have to stop boiling the pineapple?
       a.  When the water is boiled
       b.  After sugar, cinnamon, and clovers are added
       c.  When we smell the pineapple
       d.  After we remove the stew from heat

5.  How should you serve the pineapple stew?
       a.  It is served cold
       b.  It is served hot
       c.  It is served raw
       d.  It is served uncooked

The following text is for questions number 6 and 7.
       1 large ginger
       granulated sugar as desired
       ½ piece of palm sugar
      100 g peanuts, fried and get rid of its inner skin.
      100 g green beans, boiled
      3 slices of bread, slice into dices
      100 g pomegranate seeds, boil until soft

Ginger water:
       1.Peel and slice the ginger.
       2.Boil it in a liter of water.
      3.Add some granulated sugar and ½ piece of palm sugar.
       4.Strain once it’s boiled.
Serving:1. Pour some boiled ginger water into a small                                     bowl.
                2.  Add 1 tbs of pomegranate seed, green bean and                          peanut.
                3.  Add some bread on top.

6.  The generic structure of the text contains ….
       a.  Goal – Ingredients – Steps
       b.  Goal – Steps
       c.  Orientation – Events
       d.  Identification – Descriptions

7.  To make sekoteng, we need…
        a.  ginger, granulated sugar, palm sugar, peanut skin,                      green bean, bread, pomegranate seeds
       b. ginger, granulated sugar, palm, peanut, green bean,                  dices, pomegranate seeds
        c.  ginger, sugar, peanut, green bean, bread,                                            pomegranate seeds
       d. ginger, granulated sugar, palm sugar, inner skin of                      peanut, green bean, bread

The following text is for questions number 8 to 12.
                  MIXED ICE (ES CAMPUR)
                               (1 serving)
        ½ of avocado
        3 tbs. of condensed milk
        1 can of coconut water and coconut shavings
        some ice cubes

How to make it:
       Cut the avocado into small pieces.
       Put ice cubes into the glass.
       Fill ½ of the glass with some coconut water and coconut         shavings.
       Add the sliced avocado.
       Add the condensed milk on the top of avocado.
       MIXED ICE is ready to be served.
       Combine flour and baking powder.

8.  The text tells you ….
       a.  how to make Mixed Ice
       b.  about avocado
       c.  how to mix ice
       d.  How to eat Mixed Ice

9.  You need the following things to make Mixed Ice,                       EXCEPT ….
       a.  Avocado
       b.  Condensed milk
       c.  Ice cubes
       d. Sugar

10. How much coconut water and coconut shavings do you         need?
       a. 1 glass
       b.  ½ can
       c.  ½ glass
       d.  ¼ glass

11. How many servings can you get form the recipe?
       a.  One
       b.  Two
       c.  Three
       d.  Four

12. You need 3 tbs of condensed milk. The underlined                      word is the abbreviation of ….
       a.  Spoon
       b.  Teaspoon
       c.  Tablespoon
       d.  Cup

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