Charm of Batu Karas Beach Pangandaran

Charm of Batu Karas Beach Pangandaran

Charm of Batu Karas Beach Pangandaran

Charm of Batu Karas Beach Pangandaran

       One place for recreation destination, especially around the beach area in Pangandaran we’d like to share for this occasion is the Charm of Batu Karas Beach Pangandaran, West Java.

       The location of Batu Karas beach is in Batu Karas Village, Cijulang District, Pangandaran Regency. From the Pangandaran Beach area, it is about 34 km or it can be reached in approximately 1 hour. While from Ciamis it is about 40 km. This beach is a combination of Pangandaran Beach and Batu Hiu Beach because it is on the same coastline. Quiet water and challenging waves with sturdy high rocks is a harmonious combination that is characteristic of Batu Karas Beach. (Also read : Enchantment of Kemuning Lake Beauty)

       As one of charming beach, Batu Karas Beach offers a splendid beauty and calm ambiance to visitors. Some tourists even call it the best destination to go surfing, as compared to other beaches. Apart from that, people often come to the location for relaxation and get away from their busy lives. That means the beach is known for its peaceful nature and soothing atmosphere, as well. What is more? Here are some amusing things people should know about the site.

       One unique charm of the beach is related to the black sand. Unlike other beaches in Pangandaran which have either white or yellow beach sand, Batu Karas has such dark appearance. However, it has a similar feature to its siblings which is the big coral reef with dense bushes on it. The next interesting feature is definitely the waves which are strong and challenging. That means the beach would be the best option for those who want to go surfing. No wonder, many local surfers are often seen in the location! Even some foreigners are seen as well.

       It is without a doubt Batu Karas Beach’s main lure is the waves. Surfing becomes a common tourist activity and has been attracting more visitors over time. Not to mention the locals provide surfing boards and other equipment to everyone. The thing is those waves are not suitable for beginners as it is considered dangerous and risky. On the other hand, professionals are free to enjoy the activity as long as they pay attention to the skills. For common visitors, an alternative thing to do is to enjoy photography and take some pictures of the sea scenery. (Also read other article at : Father Everything for Me)

       Apart from surfing, Batu Karas Beach is also popular for diving. Some great spots like Legok Pari and Bulak Pendak are recommended for everyone. The fact is that the spots also become the locations where tourists can go surfing. Legok, for the example, is more challenging than the others and surfers should ride a boat to get to the site. It takes some money but it would be a worthy expense.

       For those who can’t surf, they can choose other fun activities like banana boat riding and jet-skiing. Even riding a horse carriage is also available there. The other activities are camping and hiking because some locals would guide them to take part in those activities (by choosing the right spot to build the tent). As an alternative, getting lazy to the beach and enjoy the breezy wind would be quite satisfying enough. At the end of the adventure, tourists can go to nearby restaurants or souvenir shops.

How to Get There

       To go to Batu Karas Beach Tourism Area is not difficult because there are many directions to get to the location. In addition, you can use private cars, rental cars or public transportation. If using a private or rented vehicle, upon arrival in the Pangandaran area, take the direction to Cijulang then follow the directions provided. (Also read other article at : Tujuan dan Ciri-ciri Teks Negosiasi)

       Whereas if you choose to use public transportation, then you have to stop first at Pangandaran bus station, then continue the journey using the minibus to Cijulang. Arriving in Cijulang Village, the only vehicle that can bring you to Batu Karas Beach is by using a motorcycle taxi with a tariff of around Rp. 40,000 or negotiable.

       After getting information about the Charm of Batu Karas Beach Pangandaran, why don’t you try to spend your leisure time for recreation to the Batu Karas Beach Pangandaran? Go there and enjoy the Charm of Batu Karas Beach Pangandaran. (Also read other article at : Soal USBN IPS SMP Bagian 2)

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