Characteristic of a good teacher

Characteristic of a good teacher
Characteristic of a good teacher

Characteristic of a good teacher 

      We all agree that the quality of teachers determine one of the quality of our education. Qualified Teacher is the teacher’s teaching style in the classroom when delivering lessons can be accepted and understood by the students. Certainly learning conditions such class will be effective and conducive for students. This will give indirectly effect to affect the motivation and achievement of the students. (Also read : SPEECH ABOUT GIVING MOTIVATION (PIDATO TENTANG MOTIVASI)
      A teacher is a person who has an important role to educate the children of the nation. Thus, in order to educate the nation’s children, the teacher must have quality in the realm of classroom learning. A good teacher is a teacher who does not only have professional in teaching but also positive character that he/she should be an example for her students. Characteristic of a good teacher such as:
A teacher is fair and has good discipline
       A Teacher should have discipline in every way. Before the teacher requires students to discipline the teacher should be the first to have discipline in him.

A teacher has a good sense of humor / smile
      A teacher always shows his/her attitude to be easy smile to every student so that the students enjoy learning with him/her.

A teacher is intelligent/knows the subject
       A teacher must have the intelligence in teaching in the classroom. By having intelligence in teaching, the students get sources of knowledge from the teacher. In this case we used to call this intelligence as “Transfer of Knowledge”. But also keep in mind that the intelligence does not immediately stand on its own. It means that intelligence must be balanced with moral intelligence. (Also read other article at : Mother Gives Spirit and Solution)
     If that intelligence is not accompanied by moral intelligence, it will produce students output who are more concerned on quantity aspect or the success than the process or quality. All means are considered well, the important thing for them is to achieve the target as much as possible. This is what happens in our society so that cases of plagiarism (copying scientific papers belonging to someone else) and rampant corruption occur among the educated people. Therefore moral intelligence will oversee the intelligence that will be able to be honest in any situation. Honesty is the key to success.

A teacher sets to be a good model or example
       Being a good model or example for the students. Giving an example of a role model because no matter how well a teacher is on a mission to make his/her students became the next younger generation that upholds morality and character.

A teacher always helps people having difficulties
       A teacher must be sensitive to the student problems of students in the class. Students often encounter obstacles and difficulties in the learning process and obstacles in understanding and capturing lessons. The teacher must be sensitive to students who have those and he/she is always willing to help those who have difficulty in learning. 

A teacher gives incentives, reward or says “well done”
       Provide incentives such as awards or just to say “you’re doing a good job” to the students. This will make the students feel excited and motivated to learn and to be achievement in the classroom.

A teacher is kind/patient
     As an educator, the teacher should have a friendly attitude towards each student in the learning process in the classroom. In order to create an atmosphere of the students learning is relaxed and fun and it is not depressed while studying in the classroom. (Also read other article at : Soal tentang Menghargai Keputusan Bersama)

A teacher understands/respects to everyone as an individual
       Always know, understand, and always concerned about the development of each student’s learning. Provide encouragement to all students to continue to learn and to be achievement.

A teacher doesn’t give up / believes in everyone
       Teachers also have to provide a support to each student when there is a barrier in learning and always believe in every student that they are students who have great potential to grow and prosper.

A teacher is reforming Classroom Learning System
      A good teacher with the characteristics described above is not enough for a single stand to create a conducive learning atmosphere and fun for the students. However, it should be combined with an effort to reform the system of learning in the classroom. The goal is to change the style of learning in the classroom that are considered less attractive for students, for example teacher’s teaching style is monotonous and just talk fast so make students bored and they are not eager to learn in the classroom.
       According to the writer, thing that can determine the success of teachers in improving learning and student achievement in the classroom is the quality of teacher’s learning patterns. The quality which is synergy with a space of freedom for students to do creativity and create innovation in teaching and learning activities in the classroom. Here the teacher is no longer discriminate between high intelligence students and low intelligent students.
       It is time for Indonesian teachers to keep upgrade the quality of human resources to improve the quality of teaching and reform the learning system in the classroom. and it’s all about Characteristic of a good teacher, by hoping the article of Characteristic of a good teacher useful. (Also read other article at : Pesona Damai Dalam Cinta)

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