Cave or Goa Tabuhan in Pacitan

Cave or Goa Tabuhan in Pacitan

Cave or Goa Tabuhan in Pacitan

      Do you plan for spending your next holiday in Pacitan? If you so, don’t forget to visit Cave or Goa Tabuhan in Pacitan. This cave is called as Goa Tabuhan or Tabuhan cave because if the stalactites or stalagmites were being lapped, they will yield sound like rhythm of Javanese music (gamelan). (Also read : Jatijajar Cave Kebumen)

      Tabuhan cave is located western of Pacitan. It is exactly located in Wareng village, Punung district, Pacitan Regency, East Java. It is about 40 km from Pacitan city towards west. The route to the cave is easy and along the way, around the road there is beautiful tropical scenery to enjoy, such as; rice fields, coconut palms and others.

      According to the public story from the local people around the cave, Tabuhan cave has been found by Kyai Santiko who lost his ox but finally he found the ox in the cave. After the brushwood has cleaned, the cave was taken care by Raden Bagus Joko Lelono and a princess Raden Ayu Mardilah.

      Tabuhan cave is initially known as Tapan cave because since ahead applied by the chevaliers for some meditation like; Sanggargenu, Bambang Trigo. Raden Banteng Wareng and also Pangeran Diponegoro.

      When you go to Tabuhan cave and want to enter the cave, you will be helped with light because the cave is actually dark, and a local guide will lead the way to the inside of the cave. Sometimes visitors bump their heads against the sharp rocks on the ceiling. The visitors can see a stream in the cave, it is in the east corner. (Also read other article in Indonesian version at : Mimpi Yang Tertunda)

      Inside the cave there is a plain, big stone which is believed to be the prayer mat of Pangeran Diponogoro, one of the Indonesia heroes who fought against the Dutch. it is said that Pangeran Diponegoro used to seclude himself in the cave. some people now use the place for meditation.

      Around the cave, there are many peddlers sell souvenirs, the drink and food. There are also some peddlers sell agates or other souvenirs on the cave terraces. They make the visitors can be satisfied of avoided from hungry, thirsty and lacking getting souvenirs.

       That’s all the information of recreation place in East Jave about Cave or Goa Tabuhan in Pacitan. Hopefully the information about Cave or Goa Tabuhan in Pacitan above can help you to have an alternative for spending your holidays. (Also read other article in Indonesian version at : Ketika Iman Tergadaikan)

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