Panorama of Ngliyep Beach

ngliyep beach

      Panorama of Ngliyep Beach. There are a lot of recreation places in Indonesia that we can go for destination. Many of them are in East Java. If you travel to East Java for recreation, especially to Malang, don’t forget to come to Ngliyep Beach.

       Ngliyep Beach (also known as Donomulyo Beach) is located in the village of Kedungsalam, Donomulyo sub-district, Malang regency. This beach is located on the southern coast of Malang district about 63 km from the city of Malang. The beach has an amazing panorama with combination of steep cliffs and protected forest around it. It beach also has beautiful rocky beach where gigantic waves meet coral reef. In addition, it has an island with a lush green tropical shore-forest giving more enchantment to the beach.

       Although Ngliyep Beach has a charming scenery, but only few visitors come here. It happens because there is no enough transportation to get the beach. If you want to go to Ngliyep Beach you are suggested to ride by using your personal vehicles, either motorcycle or a car because there is no public transportation here. However, actually the road is smooth and you will enjoy your journey along the street because the scenery of big green trees and others along the road are very beautiful to see. Be sure that you will not to be boring during your travel. read more

Vacation to Bajul Mati Beach

bajul mati beach

       Vacation to Bajul Mati Beach. Vacation in holiday whether to the beach, to the mountain, to the area of jungle is very interesting, especially if this is done with our friends or our family. By this reason I’d like to share about vacation to the beach. In this case I want to share about the beautiful of Bajul Mati Beach.

       As the readers know, there are many recreation places can be enjoyed for recreation in East Java Province. Here I focus the beach in Malang Regency.

       Bajul Mati beach is located southern of Malang. It is in Rejogajah Village, Gedangan District. It is approximately 58 Km of the city of Malang. The location of Bajul Mati beach can be reached about 2.5 hours from the city of Malang or about 10 minutes from Goa China beach.

       If you want to go to the beach of Bajul Mati, it is preferably through Turen district, Sumbermanjing Wetan district and Sendang Biru beach. You should be careful for driving your vehicle on the way to the beach, even though the road is fairly smooth and there are some sharp turns in the mountain roads. The street is very quiet and it is not easy to find help. read more

The Beautiful of Mount Bromo

The Beautiful of Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo

The Beautiful of Mount Bromo

Have a nice day. Here we want to share one beautiful place in East Java. It is Mount Bromo.

       When we are travelling to East Java, don’t miss to go to Mount Bromo. It will not be complete if you haven’t visited The Beautiful of Mount Bromo because this place is very good for destination of travelling besides other places in East Java. (Also read : Amazing of Coban Rondo Waterfall)

       The Mount Bromo Mountain is a beautiful mountain located in East Java, exactly it located in the center of Malang, Probolinggo, and Lumajang triangle, and it is included Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park which is the only conservation area in Indonesia, which has a unique form of sand sea covering an area of ​​5,250 hectares, is located at an altitude of ± 2100 meters above sea level.

       In the sea of sand found seven eruptive centers in the two paths that crisscross the east-west and northeast-southwest. Of northeast-southwest of Mount Bromo is emerging that includes the active volcano which at times may issue an eruption of smoke and threaten human life in the vicinity (± 3500 inhabitants). read more

Amazing of Coban Rondo Waterfall

Amazing of Coban Rondo Waterfall

coban ronndo waterfall

Amazing of Coban Rondo Waterfall

      Coban Rondo waterfall is one of the beautiful scenery in Malang, East Java. Actually there are many places in Malang for recreation destination, for examples Sendang Biru Beach, Bajul Mati Beach, BNS and other places, but in this occasion I will share about Coban Rondo Waterfall. (Also read : Vacation to Bajul Mati Beach)

         Coban Rondo Waterfall is located in mountain-side of Kawi, Pendasari Village, Pujon District, Malang Regency. It is about 32 km to the west of the city of Malang and can be reached about forty minutes journey from Malang.

       Having a height of about 84 m and located at an altitude of 1,135 meters above sea level, it makes the place is very interesting to see and visit. The weather is fresh and peaceful, because of its location away from the crowd of city. Coban Rondo water source comes from the slopes of Mount Kawi. The water flow can reach 150 liters per second if the rainy season. (Also read other article at : Feeling Alone in Quiet Night) read more