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Confession of My Sins

Confession of My Sins

Confession of My Sins

Dear God, I am sorry for sinning,

Sorry for disobeying You,

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Sorry for not doing those good

Deeds which I was supposed to do.

I’m sorry, God, for being weak.

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As I am weak, to You I’ve come,

To let You know that I’m sorry

For the sins I brought with their outcomes.

I’m sorry, Dear God, please forgive.

Forgive my mistakes that I have done,

And forgive me please, O’ Allah,

Those good deeds that I used to shun

For every wrong thing that I had whispered,

For any sin I said aloud,

For every sin my hands have chosen

While I was feeling lost yet proud

For every wrong thought I shared or hid,

For every Muslim I may have hurt,

For every single mistake I did,

Since the time of my date of birth.

I beg You, God, to please Forgive

Forgive me for all the wrongs I did,

Forgive them to the small mistakes

I did when I was once a kid.

Dear God, let my sins be footprints

Washed away by the waves of the sea

A sea of tears that beg Allah

To forgive me and grant me Mercy.

Dear Allah, please make my sins the cause read more

Allah the Most Merciful

Allah the Most Merciful

Allah the Most Merciful

Dear Allah, the Only True God,

The God Who hears, and sees all things,

The All-Knowing One, the Most Near,

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The only to You, all my living


Dear Allah, the Only True God

The Most Merciful, who listens

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The only to You, I beg everything,


Here I am, begging You again,

Allah, the Most Kind and Loving,

I beg Thee, to please forgive me,

While You are the Most Forgiving.


Forgive me for all that I’ve done,

Forgive my sins -the big and small-

The ones done in public, and the

Hidden ones -Please forgive them all


The mistakes I did on purpose,

And the sins done unknowingly,

O’ Allah, please forgive all sins

I did while You were watching me.


Oh Allah, Most Forgiving One,

I beg You to please forgive me,

Forgive my past, my present, and

Forgive sins which only You can see


Forgive me for I am human,

And every human makes mistakes

But the best of us are those who

Return to God before it’s late.


So here I am praying to You,

Allah, the Hearing and Most Near,

To forgive Your slaves who begs You read more