Buyutan Beach Pacitan

Buyutan Beach Pacitan

Buyutan Beach Pacitan

        One more place for recreation destination, especially on the beach area I can share is Buyutan Beach Pacitan. This place is one of the series beaches that on the regency of Pacitan.

        Buyutan Beach is located in Widoro Village, Subdistrict of Donorojo, Pacitan regency. This beach is relatively near to Klayar beach. Starting from Klayar beach, we can walk down to Buyutan beach, the way down is very difficult for our vehicle, it is down and winding sheer, that is why we need to walk.

        The route to Buyutan beach Pacitan can be reached for about an hour from the city of Pacitan. The easiest way to the beach is via the Buyutan pathway to Goa Gong. From the main road of Pacitan – Solo, after we get at the T-junction near the Great Mosque of Punung (if we are from the the city of Pacitan, it means that the T-junction is after GAS STATION of Punung). We should turn left, and then go straight on until we meet T-junction again. In this T-junction, we must turn right, and then follow the main street to  Goa Gong. After reaching the complex Goa Gong, please go straight on to Kalak village, after getting Kalak market, we will meet T-junction again. Let’s continue to the right path to the village of Widodoro.

        The beautiful panoramic will be presented a view of rice field acreage tracts runs with small houses/huts in the middle of the rice field acreage. Besides the charm of white sand, in the beach area you will find the uniqueness that rocks of various shapes and large corals are small so add an elegant impression on this beach. The natural charm of this beach is very noticeable when you come or visiting in the afternoon. Moments like this is going to seem a remarkable natural landscape beauty.

        Arriving to Buyutan Beach Pacitan, beautiful and amazing Beach will welcome us with the white sand that spread out the area and the clear blue sea water. It will be unforgettable scene of Buyutan Beach Pacitan. In the afternoon, it is a good place to see the sunset. Even, in the early morning we can also enjoy the sunrise there.

        The shore also has a vast sand spread out, it can be used as camping ground. There is also small water spring, it can be used for camping water supply, or else, wash our body after playing sand and sea water. If you have plan to camp there, you need to be careful of monkey, because the reef behind the beach area is monkey’s habitat. Actually, the monkeys there are afraid of human, but you still need to be careful especially for your goods.

        So why don’t we try to spend our leisure time for recreation to the Buyutan Beach Pacitan? Go there and enjoy the beauty of the panorama of Buyutan Beach Pacitan.

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