Brief History the State of Cambodia

Brief History the State of Cambodia

Brief History the State of Cambodia

Brief History the State of Cambodia

       Cambodia is officially named the Kingdom of Cambodia, a country in Southeast Asia with a total area of ​​181,035 km2. The population of Cambodia is more than 14.8 million. The official religion in Cambodia is Buddhism with about 95% of Cambodia’s population. Cambodia’s capital and largest city is Phnom Penh. The form of the Cambodian state is a democratic constitutional monarchy. (Also read : Brief History of Thailand Kingdom)

Cambodian History

       The development of Cambodian civilization occurred in the 1st century AD. During the 3,4th and 5th centuries AD, the Funan and Chenla countries united to develop Cambodia. These countries had close relations with China and India. The power of these two countries collapsed when the Khmer Kingdom was established and ruled in the 9th century to the 13th century.

       The Khmer Kingdom survived into the 15th century. The capital of the Khmer Kingdom was located in Angkor, an area that was built during the heyday of the Khmer. Angkor Wat, which was also built at the time, became a symbol of Khmer rule.

       In 1432, the Khmer was conquered by the Thai Kingdom. The Khmer Kingdom Council moved the capital from Angkor to Lovek, where the Kingdom benefited greatly because Lovek was a port port. The Khmer defense in Lovek was finally conquered by the Thais and Vietnamese, and also resulted in the loss of a large part of the Khmer region. This event occurred in 1594. During the next 3 centuries, the Khmer was controlled by the Kings of Thailand and Vietnam in rotation. (Also read other article at : Rumus Luas Permukaan Kubus)

       In 1863, King Norodom, who was appointed by the Thais, sought refuge in France. In 1867, King Norodom signed an agreement with the French which gave the control of the provinces of Battambang and Siem Reap which were part of Thai. Finally, these two regions were awarded to Cambodia in 1906 on a border agreement by France and Thailand.

       Cambodia was made a protectorate by the French from 1863 to 1953, as an area of ​​the Indochina Colony. After the Japanese occupation in the 1940s, Cambodia finally gained independence from France on November 9, 1953. Cambodia became a constitutional kingdom under the leadership of King Norodom Sihanouk.

       During the Vietnam War in the 1960s, the Kingdom of Cambodia chose to be neutral. This was not tolerated by military officials, namely General Lon Nol and Prince Sirik Matak who were a pro-US alliance to remove Norodom Sihanouk from his power. From Beijing, Norodom Sihanouk decided to form an alliance with the Khmer Rouge, which aimed to regain the throne captured by Lon Nol. This is what triggered a civil war in Cambodia.

       The Khmer Rouge finally took control of this area in 1975, and changed the format of the Kingdom to a Democratic Republic of Cambodia led by Pol Pot. They immediately moved urban communities to rural areas to be employed on collective agriculture. The new government wants the same agricultural produce as it did in the 11th century. They rejected Western medicine which results in starving Cambodians and no medicine at all in Cambodia. (Also read other article at : Father Mother Please Understand Me)

       In November 1978, Vietnam invaded the Cambodia RD to stop the massive genocide that had taken place in Cambodia. Finally, in 1989, peace began to intensify between the two warring parties in Paris. The UN gave a mandate to hold a ceasefire between Norodom Sihanouk and Lon Nol.

       Now, Cambodia has begun to develop because of the assistance of many foreign parties after the war, although the stability of the country has been rocked again after a failed coup in 1997.

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