Brave King and Spider

Brave King and Spider

Brave King and Spider

Brave King and Spider

       Once upon a time, there was a kingdom in Arunachal Pradesh. The kingdom was ruled by a wise king. The king’s name was Darshan. He was also brave king. People in the kingdom him. Darshan was not only a wise and brave king, but also a kind king. The kingdom was prosperous. There was no hunger in this kingdom. It was a very peace condition. This made one of the kings of another kingdom wanted to rule the kingdom. (Also read : Smart Beautiful Lady Trick)

       One day there was a battle between the Arunachal Pradesh kingdom and other kingdom that wanted to rule the kingdom., Darshan had to fight against a large army with just a few soldiers, he was defeated. After fighting for a long time, finally Darshan and his soldiers were lost in the fighting. He had to run for his life.

       On the escape, Darshan took shelter in a forest cave. He was very depressed. His courage had left him. He was blankly gazing at the ceiling of the cave. Suddenly an interesting scene captured his attention. A small spider was trying to weave a web across the cave ceiling. As the spider crawled up, a thread of the web broke and the spider fell down. But the spider did not give up. He tried to climb again and again. Finally, the spider successfully climbed up and completed the web.  (Also read other article at : Expectation Reality Dream)

       Having an idea from the successful effort of the spider, Darshan began to think, “If a small spider can face failure so bravely, why should I give up? I will try with all might till I win”. This thought gave strength to the defeated king.

       Soon Darshan got out of the jungle and collected his brave soldiers. He returned back to his kingdom and fought against the large army. He was defeated again. But now, he would not give up his fight. (Also read other article at : Makna Dari Lambang Pramuka)

       Darshan again and again fought against the large army and finally, after many attempts, Darshan and brave soldiers defeated the large army and regained his kingdom. Darshan could defeat his enemy because he had learnt a lesson from the spider.

The END story of Brave King and Spider

       That’s all the story of Brave King and Spider we can share for this occasion. We hope the story about Brave King and Spider above can amuse and give learning us. (Also read other article at : Soal UNBK Matematika SMP Bagian 2)

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