Belog Folktale from Bali

Belog Folktale from Bali

Belog Folktale from Bali

      Once upon a time, there lived a silly happy boy in a small village in Bali. His name was Belog. The word “Belog” in Bali means “Blockhead”. Belog was well known around his village because of the foolish things he was always doing. The people of the village never grew tired of telling each other stories about Belog’s simple-minded behavior.

      Belog’s mother, one day accidentally dropped her last box of matches into a puddle of water. Because this, the matches got wet and would not light. She needed immediately matches to light her stove, so she called out to her son and said. “Belog, please go to the shop and buy some matches. The matches that I have are wet, and I cannot light the fire to cook our meal.” (Also read : Smart Son and The Thief Master)

      “Yes, Mom.” Replied Belog.

       Her mother then gave him some money and then added, “Be sure that the matches you buy are dry and can light easily!”

      “OK, Mom.”

      Then he took the coins for buying the matches from his mother, and happily walked to the village shop. He walked inside and asked the owner for a box of matches. Then Belog carefully counted his coins and paid for the box and began to walk home. (Also read other article at : Bright Sunshine Vanish Darkness)

       No sooner was he outside the shop, then a thought struck Belog. He opened the box and looked inside.

      “They look like good matches to me.” he thought. “But how can I be certain? I’d better try one.”

      After thinking a while, he took out one of the matches and lighted it. It caught fire easily.

      “Ah, that match is all right,” he said. “But how about the others?” so he took out all the matches one by one and lighted them to see that they were good.

      “This is a good box of matches. “Belog said to himself. Then he returned home. (Also read other story in Indonesian version at : Gorengan Ujung Singkong Membawa Berkah)

      “Here the matches, Mom,” said Belog with an honest and foolish smile on his face. “I bought a good box of matches. They all work. I tested all of them!” then he handed his mother the box of used, burnt matches.

      Belog’s mother was astounding of getting all the matched burned. His poor mother, but she could say nothing after all, Belog was her only child, and she loved him deeply.

The End of the story Belog Folktale from Bali

      That’s all the story of Belog Folktale from Bali we can share to you, our beloved readers for this occasion. We hope the story post of Belog Folktale from Bali above can amuse us. (Also read other article at : Soal Pilihan Ganda Negara Berkembang dan Maju)

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