Bedengan Genilangit Tourism Park Magetan

Bedengan Genilangit Tourism Park Magetan

Bedengan Genilangit Tourism Park Magetan

Bedengan Genilangit Tourism Park Magetan

       Magetan is an area that has quite a stunning natural panorama. Located in the highlands, makes the area of ​​Magetan has very cool air and lush natural trees. No wonder the natural tourism potential in Magetan is quite promising. If all this time we know Magetan with Sarangan Lake tourism, however, it’s not only Sarangan Lake that is interesting to visit. The reason is there is a new tourism place in Magetan named Taman Wisata Bedengan Genilangit which it hits on Instagram recently. (Also read : Sonobudoyo Museum Place of Cultural Heritage)

       This Bedengan Genilangit Tourism Park is located at the foot of Mount Lawu, making it has a beautiful topography with green hills and lush pine forests. Bedengan Genilangit Park continues to be developed into one of the leading tourist attractions in Magetan. In addition to the natural beauty that is very exotic and the cool air typical of the mountains, Genilangit Tourism Park has many selfie spots.

       Based on information, Genilangit Tourism Park for many years used to be a place for place to manage seeds of plants and trees managed by Perhutani Bedengan.

       Because it was a place to manage seeds, the location was quite beautiful and neatly arranged. Many beautiful flowers and ornamental plants were planted at the location. However, due to lack of maintenance, the beds gradually became neglected.

       The park was then reorganized by the local village cadets in 2016 which were fully supported by the Magetan Tourism Office and Genilangit Village leaders. (Also read other article at : Mandiri Tanpa Manja Orang Tua)

       Adopting a tourist spot in the style of Dlingo Pine Forest, the location of the Genilangit Bedengan Tourist Park is transformed into a tourist spot that hits the present. There are selfie spots in the form of unique houses, there are also tree houses and swings. The favorite spot for visitors is the boat spot on the edge of a cliff. This spot might be inspired by the Tembelan Cliff which is very popular in Jogja.

       Existing facilities at Taman Wisata Bedengan Poncol are also quite adequate, because in addition to providing photo spots, there are also places to sit around, bathrooms, and prayer rooms. For those who like to take pictures of the film Hobbits style, don’t miss it because in Genilangit Park there are tree house spots and cute hobbit houses. In addition, in this tourist park there are also other spot places, namely:

  • The butterfly Spot
  • Swing
  • Cliff Boat Spot
  • Traditional gazebo
  • Children’s Playground
  • Very Beautiful Flower Garden
  •  And others.

Location of the Bedilang Genilangit Poncol Tourism Park

       This new tourism object in Magetan is administratively located in Genilangit Village, Poncol District, Magetan Regency, East Java Province. The location is at the foot of Mount Lawu, which is quite far from downtown Magetan. I guess if it is taken by traveling about 1 hour from the city of Magetan. (Also read other article at : Rumus Menghitung Keliling Lingkaran)

Route to Genilangit Tourism Park

       To access the Genilangit Tourism Parkn, visitors must go through a fairly extreme road. Because the route to Genilangit Tourism Park is winding and up and down, so it needs vigilance and excellent vehicle condition. The route for Genilangit Tourism Park can follow the following instructions: From the city of Magetan, go directly to the direction of Parang passing through Ngaglik and heading to Poncol, then arriving at Genilangit there is a signpost to the Genilangit Tourism Park Magetan. 

       That’s all the post of the tourism place about Bedengan Genilangit Tourism Park Magetan we can inform to you, our beloved readers. Hopefully the post about recreation place of Bedengan Genilangit Tourism Park Magetan above can be useful. (Also read other article at : Soal PTS Biologi Kelas 10 Semester 1)

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