Beauty of Kartini Beach Jepara

Beauty of Kartini Beach Jepara

Beauty of Kartini Beach Jepara

Beauty of Kartini Beach Jepara

       Who doesn’t know Jepara? This small city in the northern tip of Java is one of the cities that has been producing furniture that is well known up to other countries. One of the distinctive features of Jepara furniture is its dazzling wood carving style. Besides being known as the city of Carving, Jepara also has a natural panorama of the beautiful beach. Various beaches in Jepara are neatly lined up on the northern lip of the island of Java, and one of the most famous beaches in Jepara is Kartini Beach. (Also read : Charm of Batu Karas Beach Pangandaran)

Kartini Beach Location

       Kartini Beach in Jepara is precisely located in Bulu Village, Jepara District, Jepara Regency, Central Java Province. You who are on vacation in the city of Jepara must come here because this beach is one of the main tourist destination in Jepara.

       The location of Kartini Beach is very strategic, the distance from the Regent’s Office is only about 2.5 kilometers to the west and is quite close from the main bus station of Jepara City. Travelers will have no trouble heading to Kartini Beach, access can be reached by using public transportation or private vehicles.

       Tourists can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the stunning Kartini Beach by utilizing a row of pavilions around the location. There are many activities that you can do here, from walking along the beach, swimming, playing white sand on Kartini Beach, and many other activities on this beach.

Route to Jepara Kartini Beach

       Kartini Beach is very strategically located near the center of Jepara city. You can take the route to Jepara Kartini Beach from the direction of the city of Semarang by crossing the city of Demak to the city of Jepara. You can easily take this route using a motorcycle, private car or public transportation. (Also read other article at : Luka Sejenak)

       Arriving in the city of Jepara, you do not need to be confused to find the location of Kartini Beach because many signs will direct you there. The distance is quite close, you only need to travel as far as 2.5 kilometers.

       Upon arrival at Kartini Beach tourist area you will find two entry gates. The first gate to the Kartini Beach pier which is the access to the crossing to Karimun Jawa Island. While the second gate towards Kartini Beach tourist location.

Turtle Ocean Park Kartini Beach

       At Kartini Beach tourists can not only enjoy the beauty of the natural panorama but also there are a number of entertainment and educational spot

       Some of the recreation spot available at Kartini Beach such as; Turtle Ocean Park, children’s playground, mini train, giant chess, Kartini monument, entertainment stage, ketchup pool, and many more.

       In addition there are also other spot such as wave houses, Ferris wheel, pirate houses, mini cruise ships, and mini bumper boats that will add to the excitement of tourists when visiting Kartini Beach.

        Turtle Ocean Park is the most famous and favorite vehicle for tourists who come to Kartini Beach. Turtle Ocean Park is a giant turtle-shaped aquarium that can be an educational tour for those of you who want to know Indonesia’s diverse underwater life. (Also read other article at : Pengertian dan Jenis-Jenis Migrasi)

       Turtle Ocean Park is a building consisting of two floors. The first floor at the front has a lot of stands that sell various Jepara souvenirs.

       While the first floor inside there is a marine park in the form of a super large aquarium with an amazing underwater mystery aisle.

       You can find a variety of fish and underwater creatures in this aquarium, ranging from sharks, angel fish, pari, dotty back, snapper, grouper, jaw, triger, pufferfish, turtle, to coral reefs.

        In addition to a super large aquarium, you can also find 12 aquariums, and 4 portable aquariums that contain a variety of small and fresh sea fish. There is also a touch screen information board that will help you get to know more about the city of Jepara. .

       Another interesting spot is also on the 1st floor of the Jepara Ocean Park Turtle, starting from the touch pool containing freshwater fish and turtles, to fish spas, a pool containing thousands of small species of Garra Rufa from Turkey.

       While in the second floor of the Turtle Ocean Park, there is a Science Park spot consisting of Creative Boards, floating fountains, fans without propellers, pat sensor displays and motion sensors, aircraft simulators, and more.

       On this floor there is also an interesting 3D IMAX Deep Sea show, you can get to know more about the diversity of underwater living creatures in three-dimensional shows that feel very real.

        That’s all the information about the Beauty of Kartini Beach Jepara we can share for this occasion. We hope the post about the Beauty of Kartini Beach Jepara above can be used as one reference before going for recreation in Jepara. (Also read other article at : Soal PTS PAI Kelas 8 Semester 1)

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