Beauty of Gedangsari Waterfall in Gunung Kidul

Beauty of Gedangsari Waterfall in Gunung Kidul

Beauty of Gedangsari Waterfall in Gunung Kidul

      If you go to Klaten or Gunung Kidul, don’t forget to visit Gedangsari Waterfall because this waterfall is very beautiful. The beauty of Gedangsari waterfall in Gunung Kidul has not been questionable. Gedangsari waterfall is also called Tegalrejo waterfall, and ever people call it Bayat waterfall. (also read : Kedung Kayang Waterfall Magelang)

      Being called as Bayat waterfall because it is near the capital of sub-district of Bayat, Klaten, even though, administratively it is located in Tegalrejo, Gedangsari, Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta. The existence of this waterfall is exactly at the bottom of the mountain which becomes the border between Gunung Kidul and Klaten.

      Gedangsari waterfall forms several levels and every level forms a cavity that is almost deep and can be used as a place for having a bath and swimming. With the small water flow, as it is on the drought season, this cavity is still fully filled and deep enough so for you who cannot swim, do not ever try to jump in the water.

      The management of this destination is given to the locals since the land around this waterfall is a private property of the local, it does not belong to the government. The management itself is the property tenant who develops this tourism destination supporting with facilities.

      Because of the less maximum management and because the related party does not take an action to the existence of this waterfall, no one maintains this area and it cannot keep clean and beautiful. If it cannot be overcome soon, it is not possible if this waterfall will soon be damaged and forgotten.

How to get there:

      Because of the location that is far enough from the main road, there is not enough public transportation to serve visitors. The most comfortable way is to take on private vehicles from Yogyakarta, pass Jogja-Solo street and then turn to Wedi and then go to Bayat sub-district. After that, go ahead to Military Headquarters at the ward or (Koramil) on the right side of the road. After finding it, turn right and enter an alley, just go straight ahead to the location.

There are some villages can be alternative to visit when you have been in the area of Gedangsari Waterfall, they are: Wonosadi Village, tourism place that relies on the exoticism of Wonosadi woods, Garotan Village, there are cast steel craftsmen and Mojo Village, village of limestone craft. These villages’ location is the nearest place from Gedangsari Waterfall.

That’s all the information about Beauty of Gedangsari Waterfall in Gunung Kidul we can share and let’s try to visit and enjoy Beauty of Gedangsari Waterfall in Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta. (also read other article in Indonesian version at : Ternyata Setia itu Mahal)


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