Beauty of Cave or Goa Gelatik

Beauty of Cave or Goa Gelatik

Beauty of Cave or Goa Gelatik

      One more recreation place we want to share in this post can be used as your alternative reference when you want to visit to Gunung Kidul regency for spending your holidays. This recreation place is Cave Gelatik (Ind: Goa Gelatik). It is a natural cave. This cave is near to Pindul cave. The Beauty of Cave or Goa Gelatik is not doubted. (Also read : Cave or Goa Tabuhan in Pacitan)

      Gelatik cave is located in Karang Mojo area. In which it is actually located in Bejiharjo village, sub district of Karangmojo, Gunung Kidul regency. It is a part of tourism package offered in Bejiharjo tourism village. The existence of this natural cave becomes one of objects that can attract visitors to come to Bejiharjo tourism village.

      To get the Gelatik cave, we go by taking public transportation from Yogyakarta heading Wonosari. And then we change to the bus heading to Karangmojo direction. Or we can go to Gelatik cave by taking motorcycle or other private vehicles.

      Gelatik cave, first, was used by people to meditate and isolate themselves in order to wish something so their wish will be granted. However, after becoming a tourism object, this place was never used as a meditation place anymore.

      If we want to enter this cave, a guide will accompany us that is provided by the management. We have to wear few equipment, such as, helmet to protect our head from stumbling the cave walls, and we also wear boots to step on the slippery ground, to keep us from getting slipped, and the last is an oxygen tube to prepare if there is no oxygen inside the cave because it is air-tight cave, and one more equipment is a flashlight. Of course we have to pay as the contribution of getting those facilities from the management. But, you don’t need to be afraid because the fee contribution is not too expensive. (Also read other article in Indonesian version at : Mengarungi dunia yang fana)

      The narrow entrance of the cave makes the adventure of the cave exploration feel more complete. To enter this cave, we have to crawl or bend by going through more or less 15 meters distance. This cave is including as a dry cave because it is not like Pindul cave which has underground river down the cave. Yet, the ground of the cave is still muddy because of the dripping waters from the stalactites. The dark, muggy, and air-tight condition, is a challenge for whoever has the courage to explore the cave.

      We will see the amazing view inside the cave which has stalactites and stalagmite. They still generate and grow. It means that we are not allowed to touch the stones which still flow for they are alive. The guide will not forget to always remind us to maintain stalactites and stalagmites growing big and big.

      If we want to feel the water coming down from the stalactites and stalagmites which old says can make you ageless if we wash our face using this water, we need to wait until the water dripping down from the tip of the stalactites and stalagmites. The dead stalactite and stalagmite still keep their beauty, as the cave ornaments that sparkling when it is lighted. It is a really nice view kept in the dark.

      That’s the information of recreation place about Beauty of Cave or Goa Gelatik we can share in this occasion. We hope the information about the Beauty of Cave or Goa Gelatik above can be useful for us, especially for who want to visit this cave. (Also read other article in Indonesian version at : Ciri Setiap Aliran Seni Rupa)

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