Beauty of Balekambang Beach

Beauty of Balekambang Beach

    Beauty of Balekambang Beach. There are many recreation place in Malang, especially the place around the beach. In this occasion I want to share about a place destination for having fresh. It is Balekambang Beach.

      A graceful Hindu’s temple stand solidly on the giant rock which is overlooking to the wide ocean and the white sand greet the sea waves which comes to the beach. This condition is not in Tanah Lot, Bali Island nor any other beach on the fabled island but this spectacular sight is a spectacular scenery of Balekambang beach in the southern of Malang regency.

      Balekambang beach is a beach on the south coast of East Java province. It is located in Srigonco village, Bantur district, Malang regency. It is about 30 kilometers southern of Kepanjen , or 45 kilometers southern of the city of Malang. It is just about 90 minutes from Malang city to the south.

      Due to its secluded location on the southern coast in the Malang regency, it is best to rent a car by the day from Malang or Surabaya. The trip from Surabaya to Malang will take approximately 2 to 3 hours depending on traffic conditions. And then from Malang there are two alternative routes to reach Balekambang beach. The first route is by take the route of Malang-Kepanjen which will passing Gondanglegi, Pagelaran, Bantur, Sri Gonco village, and then we arrive in Balekambang beach. The second route is route of Malang-Bululawang which is passing Gadang and Kendalpayak until we reach Gondanglegi. From Gondanglegi, we can use the same track like the first route.

      The road directions start from Malang city and in every primary intersection is already provided so don’t worry if you go astray. I suggest you when you approach the location (from Srigonco village to Balekambang beach) you must be careful, the travel path will be slightly wavy and also the road width is narrow. There are some sharp and complicated bends. The scenery in the right and left side is dominated with Teak tree until we reach the entrance to the beach.

      There are there are three islands on this coast, the island of Ismoyo, Anoman Island, and Island of Wisanggeni. All three islands are connected by bridges, which unfortunately only the bridge to the Island Ismoyo are still intact and passable. Two other bridges were destroyed because of the fierce waves. On the island of Ismoyo there is a temple named Pura Jati Amertha Luhur. If at Mount Bromo, there is an annual ceremony named “Kasodho”, then in this Balekambang there is “Jalanidhi Puja” Ceremony and “Suro’an”.

      Balekambang beach is very beautiful. It is suitable for recreation place or just enjoying its scenery. The beach is quite charming, the beach with its big waves enough and filled with rocks. While the white sand is around the beach. When it is low tide, we can see among the coral, many fish are left. The length of this beach which is surrounded by the white sand is about 2 miles and it is also harmonize with sounds of sea waves. In this beach there are also lined trees as a place for shelter from the sunburn. It makes this beautiful beach as a perfect beach to lie down and release your stress from daily routines.

      Besides relaxing your body on the white sands, in this shallow beach you also can swim or just playing in the waters. However, you must be careful to don’t swim pass the safety zone which is marked by the red flag. The beach is famed because of the sea whirlpool in the bottom. Another activity that can’t be passed is waiting for the sunset, then capturing the beauty of Hindu’s temple which the shape is different between Hindu’s temple in Bali but it similar to ancient temples in East Java.

      Facilities at the beach locations are also quite complete. Ample parking, restrooms, small mosque, a place to buy souvenirs, food stalls and there is a simple lodging. But if you bring a tent, on the beach even more romantic. Some people who have adventurous spirit prefer to build a tent near the coast but if you want an accommodation, there are some simple’s inns which is located around the beach itself.

      This is a little thing I have known and shared about Balekambang Beach for recreation place. Hopefully it can be one of alternative place for recreation.

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