Be Confident of Yourself Capability

Be Confident of Yourself Capability

Be Confident of Yourself Capability

Be Confident of Yourself Capability

        This story about Be Confident of Yourself Capability we share to my readers as an inspiration in order to be able to believe in ourselves about our capability and we always do optimist in life. (also read : A Little Girl and an Old Man by a Cart)

Below is the story of Be Confident of Yourself Capability:

        Long – long time ago in the forested area, there was a hawk lived on the top of a hill. The hawk used to fly down every day for searching of food. Meanwhile at the foot of the hill there was a banyan tree on which a crow used to perch on it every day. The crow was very foolish. He would imitate everyone.

        One day when the hawk flight down, the crow watched the hawk circling in the air for long hours and swooping down when he saw his prey. The hawk gifted with eyes that could see long distances would spot his prey from the hill top and then fly down to pounce upon the prey. (Also read other article at : Love Ties My Heart)

        The crow watched the hawk doing, “Huuhf! If the hawk can do that, I can do too. What he does, I will do too. One day, I will show the hawk that I can do the same thing as he does.”

        A few days later, as the hawk was circling in the air, the crow decided to do the same. Suddenly a baby of rabbit came out of the bushes. The hawk saw it and so did the crow. Before the crow could move, the hawk swooped down fast, caught hold of the baby of rabbit in his strong sharp talons and flew away. “Swoosh!” was all the crow heard as the hawk disappeared in the sky with his prey. (Also read other article at : Soal tentang Simple Present Tense)

        “Hmmph! That is no great skill of the hawk has done,” thought the crow, angrily.

        Next moment the crow spotted a big fat mouse coming out of a hole. Without wasting time anymore, he swooped down. Like the hawk had done before, he tried to catch the mouse in his claws. But the mouse saw the crow and moved away, the crow crashed against the hill. “Eeeaaa!” cried the crow in pain.

        At the top of the hill, the hawk watched what the crow did and after watching the incident of the crow, then the hawk came flying down. “I hope, now you know it is not easy to hunt and it is not easy to imitate, so be confident of yourself capability,” said the hawk and flew away. (Also read other article at : Penjelasan Lengkap dan Contoh Recount Text)

        The crow realized of his mistake in having fond to imitate everyone and he promised himself not to do this anymore. Thereafter, the crow never imitated any one in his life. He lived happily with the God-given abilities to him.

        That’s all the story about Be Confident of Yourself Capability we can share. Hopefully the story about Be Confident of Yourself Capability above can be useful to motivate us in our living. (also read : EMOTION UNDER CONTROL)

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