Bandealit Beach Jember

Bandealit Beach Jember

Bandealit Beach Jember

      Indonesia is very famous nation for its beauty. There are many places can be visited to spend our vacancy or holiday. One of them is Bandealit Beach Jember.  This beach is one of interest tourism destination in Meru Betiri National Park. (also read : Jonggring Saloko Beach)

      Bandealit Beach Jember is a beach resort located in Jember. It is exactly located in the village of Andongrejo, District of Tempurejo, Jember, East Java, Indonesia. It is precisely on Southern part of Jember. The distance is approximately 46 km from the city of Jember and it can be reached for 1.5 – 2 hours in driving. The distance of Bandealit itself is within 1 km from Andongrejo.

      When you want to go to Bandealit Beach, you are advised to use a 4WD car or else in a kind as it passes through this route because the road access to the beach is not so good as others. It is certainly not a big deal compared to its natural potential. With the cooperation between the government of Jember and Banyuwangi, Bandealit becomes a tourist area that is unique and different.

      This beach is supported to be a so-called natural place. Travelers will be introduced with pristine natural condition and purely preserved. This has certainly sought and fundamental in a traveler’s trip when visiting the beach. Not just about the beaches that are clean and quiet, but in this place, tourists will be presented with diverse views of the flora and fauna like Timor deer breeding and orchid green house.

      Inside the green house orchid, tourists can see some rare collection of flowers that will not be found elsewhere. The flower lovers definitely will not miss this opportunity. In addition, tourists can also see the corpse flower, buffalo, and several species of turtles such as green turtles, leatherback and hawksbill. Even if you are lucky, you might still find the Java tiger in the area. In the east part of Bandealit beach, tourists will also see a large estuary until it resembles a lake. The interesting thing is the river mouth is filled with brackish water which full of mangrove of types Pedada (Sonneratia Caseolaris) standing upright. The expanse of the protected forest area is also broad. It reaches 8 ha.

      There, lodge or inn stands directly opposite the forest and above the lake. Despite being located on the beach area; the source of water is fresh water that comes from mountain springs. If it is like this, travelers should not forget to take the picture because many natural wonders are available for coddling the eyes. Moreover, it is added by the beach condition that is relatively quiet which is perfect for calming down for a moment like in natural harmony surrounded by the noise of human activity.

      There are some activities can be done in the area of Bandealit Beach Jember to spend our time with our family, friends, and relatives in this place. The facilities provided are complete. Playing related the water, you can do water sports activities like swimming, speedboat, body board even windsurfing. If you want to play bodysurfing, you do not need to worry because all the equipment’s are already available and they are safe enough played by beginners because the waves are relatively calm and move orderly.

      Walking through the forest is also very pleasant. There, the other challenging activities beside water sports, tourists can also do rock climbing or just ride down the cliff. One of the cliffs on Bandealit Beach is a Sodung mountain cliff which has a height of 100 m above sea level. Cliff tops will pamper tourists with a view of the extent of the spread out area of the beach when it is viewed from the top as well as the visible activities of the people who graced the charm of the beach of Bandealit.

      If walking up again as far as 100 m, you can also see the Japanese Cave made of stone complete with defenses to peer over the enemies in the ancient times. The cave will remind us about the importance of this place in the past history so it is useful also to broaden the history of Indonesia. Once upon a time, the Japanese cave was used by the Japanese army to take cover from enemies which landed on the Bandealit beach during World War II. In the eastern part of the river estuary, some activities such as observing birds, down the river by canoe or speedboat also have its own pleasure for the lover.

      Talking about the lake or river estuary in Bandealit Beach Jember, there is one unique fact that is an abundance of water is exactly exist even during the dry season, while during the rainy season, the river is dry. So, if you want to play canoe and cross the river, it is better to come during the dry season. Do not forget to visit the region of plantations directly managed by Bandealit Ltd. The Plantation is still in the area of National Park of Meru Betiri and is exhibiting a collection of fruit crops such as citrus, soursop, rambutan, and durian.

      There is also a traditional herbal medicine place, developed by the community of Andongrejo and Curahnongko. Its location is directly abutted on Meru Betiri. Andongrejo also serves as a rehabilitation center where forest plants planted such as grip, tamarind, kedawung, pecans, and others. Other supporting facilities are also available such as lodge, toilet, parking area, a camping area, shelter, water equipment rentals, and others. When you see a lot of local fishing boats leaning against the edge of the beach then you can also buy fresh fish and order directly to be transformed into a delicious appetizing grilled fish. You can feel more in enjoyable when it is roasted on the beach.

      If you prefer more relax activities, the traveler can perform the activity of photography because many interesting objects are too precious to neglect. In addition to the mouth of the river, on the east coast, there is also a bay where travelers can see the beautiful coral reefs. Sunbathing and fishing can also be taken as your choice while enjoying the panoramic beauty of the beach without having to walk too far. There will be lots of large-sized fish that attracts some anglers. Being around all day to see the uniqueness and beauty of the natural paradise namely Bandealit beach, it’s time to close the activities by enjoying the beautiful sunset during the afternoon. The sun is slowly resigned itself on the western horizon and it is also very regrettable to miss. Approximately that is some memorable events that you get when visiting one of the mainstay tourist in the city of Jember, Bandealit.

        After getting information about Bandealit Beach Jember, why don’t you plan your next holiday visiting Bandealit Beach Jember? Come and enjoy your journey for recreation.(also read : Teleng Ria Beach Pacitan)

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