Awesome View on Karimunjawa Island

Awesome View on Karimunjawa IslandAwesome View on Karimunjawa Island

        Karimunjawa, also known as Karimun Java, is a small archipelago consists of 27 islands. This place is very popular as a tourism destination. Besides having easy access, the object also has lots of attractions to make a memorable vacation for tourists. Most of attractions are related to marine and coastal life. This wonderful archipelago is located on the north of Semarang city, Central Java. (also read : Pindul Cave Yogyakarta)

        The main island of Karimunjawa is Karimun and the second island is Kemujan. The two islands are like twins, just side by side and often mistaken one of another. Karimunjawa name literally means a stone’s throw from Java in Javanese.

        The location of Karimunjawa islands are at the north of Semarang, Central Java. Karimunjawa is a sub district of Jepara district. Karimunjawa islands are about 80 km northwest of Jepara, a small town in Central Java. It can be reached by a ferry boat from Kartini Port in Jepara to Karimunjawa for about 3 hours. It also can be reached by a small plane from small airport called Dewadaru Airport on Kemujan Island.

There are many interesting activities can be done by the visitors in Karimunjawa Island. They are:

  1. Exploring the islands (islands hopping) by using a rent boat and going hopping from one island to another island, exploring the sea and the beaches as you go as it has many small islands uninhabited which has a great view.
  2. Playing the water and sand freely along the beaches as we like.
  3. Snorkeling underwater as it has beauty underwater world of its own. There are some spots to do snorkeling so snorkeling enthusiasts will surely be satisfied with the views offered.
  4. Diving in which it has 35 types of corals, sponges, mixtures of fringing and barrier with depths of 15 to 40 meters, Karimunjawa can be another diving haven, where we can meet a large variety of marine life and even shipwrecks. Good local diving spots here are Taka Panyawangan and Gosong Cemara.
  5. Fishing in the deep sea. Another interesting thing to do in Karimunjawa is to go fishing. we can rent a boat and go out to the various good fishing spots nearby to catch some lunch or dinner and finish it off with fresh coconut found easily around the islands.
  6. Hiking around the islands. Ask the locals and hike or trek around, you may just find yourself from places with a beautiful panoramic view of the islands and the sea.
  7. Swimming in the sea near the Cemara Besar Island. The sea wave is calm, no big waves and the water is clear and refreshing. It is clear, like a giant swimming pool. We can swim with satisfaction here. Swimming might be such a great idea for activity as well.
  8. Hunting sunset, as there are some islands to hunt the sunset on this archipelago, one on the island of Tanjung Gelam (a lot of people also call Ujung Gelam island). In addition, on the dock of the Karimunjawa island itself we can get an interesting sunset spot
  9. Swimming with sharks in the same pool if we have fearlessness. In Karimunjawa, precisely at the Cemara Kecil island, there is a sharks captivity. We can swim with sharks in the same pool. There are some sharks in it.
  10. We also can enjoy lunch with grilled fish menu and observe local people make several handicrafts and souvenirs to sell to tourists. We can observe their cultural daily life and buy those unique souvenirs.

        When we want to go to visit the Awesome View on Karimunjawa Island, it is easy to get there. From Semarang, take a bus to Jepara town, which takes about 2 hours. Then from Jepara take a ferryboat from the port. The fast ferry will take 1 hour 45 minutes at and it departs from Jepara every Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. And if you are feeling in a pinch and having a lot of time on your hands, you can take the 6 hours slow ferry boat that goes off on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. However, if you have much money to spare and tight on time, you can actually charter a flight from Semarang to Dewandaru Airport in Kemujan Island.

        After getting some information about Awesome View on Karimunjawa Islands, why don’t you plan for going there? Karimunjawa is indeed such a great tourism destination. With easy access, complete facilities, and plenty choices of activities, who could ever say no to this wonderful archipelago? Let’s go there and enjoy Awesome View on Karimunjawa Islands.

        That’s all our post about Awesome View on Karimunjawa Island we can share in this occasion. We hope the post about Awesome View on Karimunjawa Island above can be useful. (also read : Kalasan Temple Yogyakarta)

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