Asking Someone Identity

Asking Someone Identity

Asking Someone Identity

        In this occasion, we want to share about Asking Someone Identity because getting someone information about their identity is very important for knowing someone. It can be used whenever we want to introduce in the classroom, in the office or everywhere it is needed. (also read : Asking and Response for Repetition)

There are some expressions of Asking Someone Identity

What is your name? (for asking name)

My name is . . . .

What is your address number? (for asking address)

It is . . . .

What is your phone number? (for asking phone number)

085 675 134 645

What’s your father’s name? (for asking father’s name)

His name is . . . .

What’s your mother’s name? (for asking mother’s name)

Her name is . . . .

What’s your sister’s name? (for asking sister’s name)

Her name is . . . .

Where do you live? (for asking address)

I live in/on/at . . . .

How old are you? (for asking age)

I am 30 tears old.

How tall are you? (for asking height)

I am 159 cm.

How do you go to school? (for asking the way)

By motorcycle.

What is your weight? (for asking weight)

It is . . . .

What is your ideal? (asking for ideal or future goal)

I want to be a . . . .

Where were you born? (for asking place of birth)

I was born in Jombang.

When were you born? (for asking date of birth)

I was born at January, 1987

What’s your hobby? (for asking hobby)

My hoby is . . . .

Etc. (And other questions can be increased related of Asking Someone Identity)

Example in Dialogue

Teacher : What’s your name?

Andy : My name is Andy.

Teacher : How do you spell your name?

Andy : Andy. A-N-D-Y

Teacher : And What is your full name?

Andy : Andy Matalata.

Teacher : where do you live?

Andy : I live on Jl. Merapi Mojokerto.

Teacher : What is your address number?

Andy : It is Jl. Merapi No. 23 Mojokerto.

        That’s all about Asking Someone Identity we can share. Hopefully the material about Asking Someone Identity above can be useful for us in increasing our English, especially in constructing how to ask someone about their identity so we can improve our speaking skill. (also read : Asking for and showing attention)

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