Asking Giving Offering and Refusing Help

Asking Giving Offering and Refusing Help

Asking Giving Offering and Refusing Help

Asking Giving Offering and Refusing Help

       The following post is an example of Conversation practice about Asking, Giving, Offering and Refusing Help in the form of video. This video is the product of students’ creativity from SMK Taruna Tarik in increasing their English, especially their performance and speaking skill. (Also read : Congratulation on Someone’s Birthday Party)

       The purpose of publishing this video is giving appreciation to them for their effort to increase their courage in improving their speaking skill. Our other goal in publishing this video is to support their other friends and all readers, especially everyone who are still studying procedure text in Junior High School (SMP), Vocational School (SMK) or Senior High School (SMA), so they are not embarrassed in conveying their idea. (Also read other article at : Tutorial How to Make Simple Thermometer)

This is the video of the way to Ask, Give, Offer and Refuse of Help

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       Although the performance of the presentation of an example of the conversation practice is not as good as the experts, however, the video of presentation above at least can be used as an evidence that our students can improve and perform their skill in achievement of their action in implementation of English Material, especially combination of speaking material, especially conversation practice of Asking, Giving, Offering and Refusing Help, and their act performance.

       By watching the above video, we hope that the readers can get information about the example of conversation practice in the form of speaking and performance. (Also read other article at : Pengajian Umum KH Imam Muhajir tentang Maulid Nabi)

Hopefully you are satisfied to watch the video above.

       That’s all the video of an example of conversation practice of Asking, Giving, and Refusing Help we can share for you all. We hope the video of conversation practice above can be used not only for getting information about the way of Asking, Giving, Offering and Refusing Help, but also for improving our knowledge about speaking skill, especially about an ability in action of performance. Thanks for watching the video above. (Also read other article at : Soal PAS Prakarya dan KWU Kelas 10 Semester 1)

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