asking for Name in Dialogue

Asking for Name in Dialogue

Asking for Name in Dialogue

        When we meet new people whom we don’t know his/her name before wherever we go or sometimes there are situations when we have already met the person but forgotten their name, we need to ask their name.

        In this lesson we will learn how to ask someone’s name by using the expression “What’s your name?” However, in this lesson we directly apply the expression of asking for Name in Dialogue in many different ways. The purpose of giving different ways in asking for Name in Dialogue to express “What’s your name?” so that You’ll get more comfortable with asking a stranger for their name, and also with asking someone you’ve already met to remind you of their name. (also read : How to Introduce Yourself or Other People)

Let’s look at some dialogues that will help us to learn, or remember, a person’s name.

Just Ask Her

Fanty: Hey Rudy.

Rudy: Hey Fanty. How are you?

Fanty: I’m fine, thank you. What’s up with you lately?

Rudy: Nothing. I like this girl in my office but I just don’t have the guts to ask her name.

Fanty: Oh silly. It’s easy, just say “What’s your name?”

Rudy: I think that’s a bit too direct. I don’t want to scare her.

Fanty: Well, waiting for someone to introduce you to each other would be a bit formal.

Rudy: Yeah, that’s right.

Fanty: Why don’t you just say hi and then introduce yourself? That way she’ll know your name and she’ll probably tell you her name, too.

Rudy: That’s a good idea! Thanks Fanty.

Fanty: You’re welcome.

I Forgot Your Name!

Tiara: Hi Hanny. How are you?

Hanny: I’m fine, but I’m sorry, I’ve forgotten your name. What’s your name?”

Tiara: My name is Tiara, remember? From the broadcast?

Hanny: Oh yes, Tiara! Hi, how are you?

Tiara: I’m great. I thought you would remember me.

Hanny: I did remember you but I just didn’t remember your name. I’m really bad at remembering people’s names.

Tiara: It’s okay. No problem. Maybe you won’t forget it now.

Hanny: I hope not!

Indirectly Asking.

Billy: Hi, there.

Jenny: Hey.

Billy: I am Billy Daniels, and you are …?

Jenny: Oh. I am Jenny Sprinkles.

Billy: You work in the Marketing department, right?

Jenny: Yes. And I guess you are in the Human Resources department…

Billy: Yeah. How did you know?

Jenny: I see you every day. I knew who you were but never knew your name.

Billy: Oh..okay…So now you know it and I also know yours.

Jenny: Yeah, and I hope I’ll see you around

Meeting Acquaintances.

Hanny: Hey, Selly. How are you?

Selly: Hey there. I’m good. You’re Brody’s sister, right?

Hanny: Yeah. I am.

Selly: I’m really sorry. I never got to ask Brody your name. so, what is your name?

Hanny: Oh. My name is Hanny. It’s Ok since this is the first time we meet.

Selly: Yeah. I just saw you at school once when Brody told me you were his sister but he never mentioned your name.

Hanny: No problem, Selly. It was nice meeting you.

Selly: Same here. See you around.

Hanny: See you!

        That’s all about asking for Name in Dialogue we can share. Hopefully the material about asking for Name in Dialogue to express “What’s your name?” above can be useful for us to improve our English, especially in speaking skill. (also read : Expressing and Responding Sympathy)

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