Asking and telling Time

Asking and telling Time

Asking and telling Time

        For improving our English skill, especially in speaking, in this occasion, we want to share about asking and telling time. This sharing consists of three main topics, they are asking the time, telling the time, and examples of asking and telling time.

Below is the discussion of every topic of Asking and Telling Time:

Asking the Time

        When we don’t know about the exact time and we want to ask someone to give information about it, there are some expression that we can use for getting information about the time from someone. Here are some expressions or phrases you can use when you want to know the time:

What’s the time?

What time is it?

What time is it now?

Have you got the right time?

What time do you make it? what’s the time?

could you tell me the time?

do you happen to have the time?

do you know what time it is?

What time is it right now?

Do you have the correct time?

Have you got the time?

Can I have the time?

May I know what time it is?

  1. We can add “Excuse me” before the expression of asking the time to make our question politer. (also see : Asking and Giving Permission)


Excuse me, what time do you have?

Excuse me, what time is it?

do you know what time it is?

  1. We can add “Please” to make our question for asking the time politer.


Could you tell me the time, please?

Can I have the time, please?

Do you have the correct time, please?

Telling the Time

        For Responding the question or asking about the time, we can tell the time by using some expressions below:

It’s nine o’clock. (09.00)

It’s ten o’clock sharp right now. (10.00)

It’s almost eight.

Of course, It’s a quarter of two p.m. (13.45)

Yes, It’s a five twenty-five. (05.25)

it’s nine p.m. (21.00)

it’s five minutes past nine. (09.05)

it’s five past nine. (09.05)

It’s nine five. (09.05)

It’s five to nine. (08.55)

It’s twenty-one minutes past three a.m. (03.25)

It’s twenty-five to three a.m. (02.35)

It’s twenty-one past three.

it’s exactly nine ten.

it’s a quarter past eight. (08.15)

it’s a quarter to eight. (07.45)

it’s nine fifteen.

it’s half past six. (06.30)

it’s half to six. (05.30)

it’s nine thirty seven. 

Examples in dialogue of asking and telling time

Dialogue 1

Rani : Oh, no! I forgot to bring my watch. I wonder what time it is now. Um… excuse me, Mom. Do you know what time it is now?

Mrs. Sarah : Well, it’s almost 3 p.m.

Rani : I’m sorry, do you have the correct time?

Mrs. Sarah : Yes, but I guess my watch is a few minutes faster

Rani : Oh, very well. Thank you, Mom.

Mrs. Sarah : No problem.

Dialogue 2

Dandy : Oh, I think the day is getting darker. Have you got the time?

Mirna : Well… it’s a half past five.

Dandy : Wow, playing with skateboard is so much fun. It’s going to be nightfall

Mirna : Yes, I think we should leave from here. Hey, by the way are you hungry?

Dandy : Yes, I am starving. I’d love to eat that delicious burger from Burger stall. What time does the stall open?

Mirna : It has opened from 5 PM. Okay, let’s stop by the stall.

Dandy : Ok!

Dialogue 3

Roni: Excuse, can you tell me the correct time?

Irwan: I don’t think so. My watch is fast, Ron. How about your watch?

Roni: My watch is too slow.

Irwan: Ron, Is your watch 5 minutes slow?

Roni: I don’t exactly know how slow my watch is.

Irwan: So do I. I don’t really know how fast my watch is.

Roni: It must be about eight o’clock now, Wan.

Irwan: I don’t think so. It must be about eight fifteen.

Roni: We have to know what time it is Wan.

Irwan: Okay, let’s go to the office. We can check the correct time.

Roni: Let’s go, hurry up!

          That’s all we can share about Asking and Telling Time. Hopefully, this post can improve our English skill. ( also see : Asking and giving direction)

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