Asking and Response for Repetition

Asking and Response for Repetition

Asking for Repetition

Asking and Response for Repetition

       There are many ways to ask someone in order to repeat his or her statement or question, and there are also many ways to give response for someone request to repeat. We ask for repetition in order someone repeats her or his words because we don’t hear clearly or we don’t catch what he or she said. (Also read : Asking and giving direction)

Below are some Expressions of Asking for Repetition


Could you repeat again, please?

Would you mind repeating that?

I beg your pardon, please.

Would you be louder, please?

(I’m) Sorry, what did you say?



I’m sorry, I couldn’t understand you…

I’m sorry, I didn’t get that…

I’m sorry, I didn’t catch that….

I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you.

What was that?

Can you repeat that?

What did you say?

Pardon me?


What’s that again?

Say that again?


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And below are some expressions of the Response

“Directly repeat sentences”

 I said,….

 Let me repeat my words…

 Well, I just wanna say that….

Here are two Examples of dialogues consist of Asking Repetition and the Responses.

Dialogue 1

Receptionist    : What can I do for you, Sir?

Mr. Agus         : I’d like to book two rooms.

Receptionist    : Your name please?

Mr. Agus         : Agus Santoso

Receptionist    : I beg your pardon, please

Mr. Budi         : Agus Santoso

Receptionist    : Your address?

Mr. Budi         : Jl. Monginsidi no. 24 Bogor.

Receptionist    : Okay, you get room 405

Mr. Budi         : Thank you.

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Dialogue 2

Nico    : You look very happy, Fahmi. What has happened?

Ferdy  : Guess what? Today is the happiest day in my life?

Nico    : Really?

Ferdy  : Yes. Finally, I got 100 on the last English test.

Nico    : Sorry. Could you repeat what you just said?

Ferdy  : I said I got 100 on the last English test.

Nic0    : What a surprise! But, anyway, congratulation on your big achievement

       That’s all the post about Asking and Response for Repetition we can share for this occasion We hope the post above can increase our speaking skill. (Also read other article at : Soal Pilihan Ganda Ciri-Ciri Makhluk Hidup)

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