Asking and Expressing Capability

Asking and Expressing Capability

       Asking and Expressing Capability. Speaking is one aspect of language skills. For this I have shared some topics related to speaking guide. And now I want to share about asking and expressing capability. Below is the explanation.

       An expression of capability is used for expressing of our ability to do something. There are three points of topic will be discussed. They are asking for capability, expressing capability and showing incapability.

  1. Asking for capability / ability
  • do you think you are capable of…..?
  • Do you think you’re able to . . . .?
  • Do you think you can , , , ,?
  • are you capability of . . . .?
  • are you capable to……?
  • are you able to
  • Are you capable of…?
  • Do you know how to…?
  • Do you know anything about…?
  • Do you have the experience to…?
  • can / could you ……?
  1. Expressing capability / ability
  • I think I can . . . .
  • Yes, I can
  • I thought I’m able to . . . . .
  • I think I’m capable enough.
  • I am capable of doing it
  • I’m able to……
  • I have the ability to do it
  • I’m good at . . . .
  • I can / could do it
  1. Showing incapability / inability
  • I’m not sure I’m capable of doing it
  • I’m not capable of doing it
  • I am not able to……
  • I don’t think I can’t do it.
  • I am not good at…
  • I have no idea how…
  • I have no experience of…
  • No, I don’t know how to…
  • I don’t know anything about…
  • I am not sure I know how to…
  • (I am afraid) I cannot cope (with)…
  • I would not know where to begin or start…
  • I don’t think I have experience or ability to…
  • Sorry, I can’t do it.
  • I’m incapable of doing it.
  • I don’t think i have ability
  • I’m not sure i can
  • I won’t be able to
  • I can’t / couldn’t do it

Example in Dialogue

Dialogue 1

Randy   : Can you explain me about the process of extraction in the laboratory?

Sisca   : Yes, no problem.

Randy   : Do you have experience to lead the physics seminar?

Sisca   : No, I have no experience to lead physics seminar.

Dialogue 2

Winna : Can we have a talk?

Wanda: Yes. What’s up?

Winna : I’m gonna tell you that you’re chosen to be our representative to join Indonesia-Australia Students Exchange.

Wanda: Really. Who said that?

Winna : Our English teacher, Mr. Robert.

Wanda: Thanks for telling. Do you think I’m capable enough?

Winna : I think so. Your English is good. And, you always win the best student in our school. I thought you are capable to be our representative.

Wanda: Thank you. I hope I can do my best.

Winna : So do I. Don’t forget to bring me a special gift from there.

Wanda: Don’t worry

That’s all I can share about asking and expressing capability. hopefully it will be useful for us

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  1. I’m very glad to learn about that subject. It is very interesting for me so it increase my level .it is also easy to understand.tank y ou.

    1. You are welcome.
      I am very glad if you like.

  2. Very inresting. But what do we use after capable? To or of?

    1. It’s depending of what kind part of speech we want, verb 1 or gerund.

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