Archer and the King of Jungle

Archer and the King of Jungle

Archer and the King of Jungle

Archer and the King of Jungle

The following story about an Archer and the King of Jungle.

      Long time ago, there was an archer who lived near the jungle. Every day he used to go to the deep of the jungle for hunting animals. He thought that Hunting became one of the great thing for him. He felt stronger when he could get animal by his hand. In his village, he was very famous as the dead shot of animals and he was skillful in hunting. He could shoot the target wherever he found the animals, although the distance was far away. (also read : The Wise and Smart King)

      One day in a sunny day, the birds was singing in the jungle. It made the sun was smiling in the sky. It was the beautiful day for the animals in the deep of the jungle. Unfortunately, they did not know that the dangerous was near with them.

      At that time, the archer prepared himself well for everything he needed. Included the bow and the arrows. He wanted to go to the deep of the jungle. He took the best arrows and the new bow in order to get more animals to bring to home. Then, when the sun was in the middle of the sky, he walked to the jungle. (Also read other article at : How Busy Day Saturday)

      On the way to the deep jungle, he could feel the fresh air in the jungle. He breathed deep and felt calm. Then, he prepared his bow and an arrow on his hand.

      Seeing the famous archer, the birds stopped their singing. The birds flew away to the deep of the jungle. Then, the birds talked to the other animals that the archer was coming with his arrow. Knowing this situation, all animals tried to went away. They hid in their home in order to keep their save from the shoot of the archer.

      Meanwhile, the different case happened to the lion. Lion was known as the king of the jungle. Because of his position as king, the lion tried to challenge himself to fight with the archer. He tried to roar loudly in order to make the archer afraid. Unfortunately, the archer did not afraid with the roar of the lion. The archer took his arrow and shot the lion. The lion was hitting by the arrow but he still could run. (Also read other article at : Soal UTS Seni Budaya Kelas 8 Semester 1)

      Then, the lion realized that all he did was useless. He began to run away as fast as he could. Knowing this situation, the fox, which know what happened, said to the lion, “You are our king. Don’t be a cowardice. You need to put your brave and fought with the archer. Prove that you are a king of the jungle!”

      Then, the lion answered the saying of the fox, “What for I prove my position? If this arrow hit me again, I will be dead. It will be terrible than losing the king position. Please help me to pull this arrow out.”

      After the arrow was pulled out the lion’s body, the lion run for escaping from the archer.


That’s all the story of An Archer and the King of Jungle. (visit other our web : Pidato Pembakar Semangat dari Presiden Soekarno)

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