An Owl and Dove

An Owl and Dove

An Owl and Dove

      Once upon a time there was an owl who traveled far to move from forest to another forest. In this long journey, he met a dove. The dove was very amazed to see an owl that was so hastily. He Said, “Hi, Owl! Where do you want to go? “ (Also read other story at : King and Daughter of a Rebel Leader)

      The owl spun for a moment in the air to see the dove, and then replied, “Aiih! It is too difficult to get along with the neighbors. You do you know, I have the talent to sing, if night comes, I really like humming. But, well … it looks like all of them do not like to hear my voice. Whereas I want to amuse them by singing. What can be made? It is better I leave this place and move to another forest! “

      Hearing this, it said, “the owl, we know you have lived here for tens of years. All the neighbors around you have known you. Why should you move to a another foreign place…? Do you think you will find different in your new neighbors? “

      It continued, “According to me, you are better change Your singing voice tone a little. The neighbors will surely love it. If not so, everywhere you go, just the same. You will still be disliked. “ (Also read other article in Indonesian version at : Tanya Jawab Imam Abu Hanifah dengan Orang Atheis)

Hearing what the dove had said, the Owl bowed his head. He thought the dove was really right. He was embarrassed. And soon he continued flying again. However, he was seen flying back toward his home in the old forest.

      That is all the story about An Owl and Dove we can share for this occasion. We hope we can take the positive moral value from the story about An Owl and Dove above related to our society life. (Also read other story at : ALLAH ALWAYS WITH YOU)

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