Ambarawa Railway Museum Semarang

Ambarawa Railway Museum Semarang

Ambarawa Railway Museum Semarang

Ambarawa Railway Museum Semarang

       One more recreation place can be an alternative of spending our leisure time or our holidays to visit. It is Ambarawa Railway Museum Semarang.

       The Ambarawa Railway Museum, Semarang Regency, Central Java, is still standing firmly and it looks magnificent although the age of the building has reached hundreds of years. Even historical tourist destinations built by the Dutch Colonial Government in 1873 ago, this place are visited by tourists every holiday. (Also read : Watu Karung Beach Pacitan)

       In addition to seeing old train collections and exploring history, at the Ambarawa Railway Museum, tourists can also enjoy travel train tours on the route Ambarawa-Tuntang or Ambarawa-Bedono. The tourist train trip can be enjoyed on Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays. Outside the day, tourists can take the train tour with a charter system.

       Whereas the fire tourism route of Ambarawa-Bedono route can only be enjoyed with a charter system at a pretty fantastic price, which is around Rp10 million. Even if you use more than one carriage, you will be charged a rental fee of IDR 2.5 million per carriage. So if you use three trains with a capacity of 120 people, then the price of the cater is IDR 15 million. (Also read other article at : Second of Spinning Clock)

       The high cost of this rental, because the locomotive is steam engine and has wood fuel. While the train carriages are made of wood. So that the operational costs and maintenance are quite high. Therefore, the price of charter steam trains is quite expensive.

       However, during the trip of the steam engine locomotive, the tourists can enjoy the exotic mountain panorama. Along the way from Ambarawa to Bedono, the tourists will be spoiled by the sights of Mount Telomoyo and Mount Kelir which are green and Asri.

       Interestingly, the observing experience of travel train travel by using a steam engine locomotive hundreds of years old, can only be enjoyed at the Ambawara Railway Museum. So the high price of charter can be replaced by a fantastic experience and a beautiful train tour.

The historical building of Ambarawa Railway Museum Semarang

       Based on the Railway Museum tour guide explanation, the Ambarawa Railroad Museum was once a Dutch colonial-built railway station under the control of King Willem I in 1873. The railway station was built for military purposes.

       The delivery of weapons and Dutch troops from Ambarawa to Semarang or vice versa used railroad transportation. In addition, it was also to transport the agricultural products of the Ambawara people and the surrounding areas which were seized by the Dutch. (Also read other article at : Pengertian dan Proses Terjadinya Awan)

       After the Dutch Colonial Government left Indonesia, the Ambawara Railway Station was used for regular trains with Ambarawa-Kedungjati-Semarang, Ambarawa-Temanggung-Parakan and Ambarawa-Secang- Magelang routes. But the travel routes of Ambarawa-Temanggung-Parakan and Ambaraw-Secang-Magelang in 1970 were closed because the train tracks were damaged by natural disasters.

       Shortly thereafter, the Ambarawa train station was closed because the train’s route was out of competition with other transportation. Then in 1976 the government established the Ambarawa Railway Museum at the Ambarawa train station complex.

       Until now, the Ambarawa Railroad Museum which has a collection of a number of old locomotives with steam and diesel engines is still firmly established and it is a famous tourist attraction. Every holiday, this museum is always crowded with visitors.

       We think that’s all the information about Ambarawa Railway Museum Semarang we can share for this occasion. Hopefully the post of Ambarawa Railway Museum Semarang above can be used as a good information for us and try to visit and enjoy the interesting place of Ambarawa Railway Museum Semarang. (Also read other article in Indonesian version at : UAS Bahasa Indonesia Kelas 10 Semester 2)

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