Amazing View Around Jungwok Beach

Amazing View Around Jungwok Beach

Amazing View Around Jungwok Beach

Amazing View Around Jungwok Beach

      South Beach of Java Island has its own charm to explore. There is a row of beaches with various characters that are suitable to be a tired release. One of them is Jungwok Beach which is included in Gunungkidul Regency, Yogyakarta. This beach is about three hours’ drive from Yogyakarta City, tourists will find white sandy beaches with clear sea water and great views of the coral reefs as breakwaters. (Also read : Pentingsari Beautiful Tourism Village)

Location of Jungwok Beach

      This beach is located in Wediombo area; it is exactly on the east side of the Wediombo Beach. It is approximately one kilometer from Wediombo beach so we can take the route this beach from or to Wediombo Beach. The distance Jungwok beach from Yogyakarta City is about 80 kilometers. The closest route to Jungwok Beach is from Yogyakarta city by following the connecting road between Yogyakarta-Piyungan-Patuk-Wonosari-Semanu-Jepitu-Pantai Jungwok (Wediombo Beach).

What can we enjoy in Jungwok Beach?

      We will be amazed every time we see the view along the journey. And there are many other things we can enjoy. We will be more amazed for the jaw-dropping scenery when we reach the shoreline of Jungwok beach. The white sand covering along the beach and the shallow sea look so clean. The few visitors will make we feel more enjoyable to see the beauty of Jungwok beach. The most incredible view is come from the scenery of a rock located in the middle area of the sea. This rock is named watu topi (hat rock). This place is commonly used as a place to fish for the visitors or even the locals. The various biotas that mostly found in this sea, among others, are starfish, ornamental fish, and various kinds of algae. (Also read other article at : Restore Beautiful Memory)

      During our time enjoying the floras and faunas in Jungwok, we will not feel bored and we will even feel happy to spend more time here. It is recommended for you to bring your own supply of foods or drink because there is no restaurants around the beach.

How to Get Jungwok Bech?

  1. By taking public transportation. From Giwangan bus station, Yogyakarta, take a bus heading to Wonosari. At Wonosari bus station, change the bus, take the bus heading to Wediombo beach – Jungwok beach.
  2. By taking two-wheeled or four-wheeled private vehicles. (Also read other article at : Soal Simple Present Tense)

      The road to Jungwok beach is a little bit difficult because visitors should go through a path of garden or fields, and also locals rice field that has many ups and downs. There is no sign board that can direct to the location of the beach. If you feel confused, you better ask the locals so you will not get lost. If you take a walk from Wediombo, it will take 30 to 45 minutes long. It will not feel difficult as you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of hills that become the special characteristics of Gunung Kidul land.

      That’s all our brief information about Amazing View Around Jungwok Beach. And after getting information the Amazing View Around Jungwok Beach, why don’t you consider for visiting the amazing of Jungwok Beach? We recommend you to have a plan for refreshing by visiting Jungwok beach. (Also read other article at : Tujuan Ciri Kebahasaan dan Contoh Narrative Text)

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