Always Remember Our Memory

Always Remember Our Memory

Always Remember Our Memory

They say there is a reason,

Why I should move on.

They say that time will heal,

 So I should not feel fear.

But neither time nor reason,

Will change the way we feel.

For no one knows the heartache,

that lies behind our smiles,

No one knows how many times,

We have broken down and cried.

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We want to tell you something

We need to say you everything

So there won’t be any doubt,

You are so wonderful to think of

But so hard to be without.

We cannot bring the old days back,

When we were all together

The family chain is broken now,

But memories live forever.

I can’t leave to remember.

I Always Remember Our Memory.

That’s all our poem about Always Remember Our Memory that we can share for this occasion. We hope the poem above can amuse us. (also read other poem in Indonesian version at : Bidadari ku Perhiasan Terbaik di Dunia)

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