Ali Baba and Forty Robbers

Ali Baba and Forty Robbers

Ali Baba and Forty Robbers

Ali Baba and Forty Robbers

      Ali Baba and Forty Robbers. Once upon a time in a distance city of Persia, there lived two brothers named Kasim and Alibaba. Ali Baba was terribly poor and he lived with his wife in a mud hut. He picked up sticks in the woods and sold them in bundles at the market. However, Kasim had a rich wife and he lived in a big fine house and sold carpets. He became richer than ever. (Beside reading Ali Baba and Forty Robbers, you can Read other article at : Fable of Tortoise and Birds)

      One day, when Ali Baba was in the forest and had just cut wood enough to load his asses, he saw at a distance a great cloud of dust, which seemed to approach him. He observed it with attention, and distinguished soon after a body of horsemen, whom he suspected might be robbers. He determined to leave his asses to save himself. He climbed up a large tree, planted on a high rock, whose branches were thick enough to conceal him, and yet enabled him to see all that passed without being discovered.

      The robbers, who were to the number of forty, Ali Baba could tell by their evil looks rough beards and bad language. But what made it perfectly clear to him was the booty they unloaded from their horses obviously plundered in a raid. Their leader was a grim wicked-looking man. Followed by his men, he strode towards a rocky mountain nearby. Throwing wide his arms suddenly shouted, “Open sesame!” Ali Baba could hardly believe his eyes. For at the robber’s words, the rock-face swung open to become the entrance to a deep dark cave. The robbers trooped inside, dragging their sacks. Ali Baba was struck dumb by this amazing sight and he crouched in his tree without moving a muscle.

      He could hear the robbers’ voices echo in the cave. Then out they came. Again opening his arms, the leader exclaimed loudly, “Close sesame!” And the rock swung tightly shut as they leapt onto their horses and galloped away. Trembling with fear, Ali Baba climbed down the tree. He approached the door of the cave and imitated the cries of thieves head earlier. ” Open sesame!” Suddenly, the rock began to move. Ali Baba lit a flare and entered the cave. In front of his bulging eyes lay vast piles of treasure – pots of silver gold, precious vases, weapons studded with rubies and emeralds, diamonds, carved plates and carpets …. all heaped together.

      Jabbering with excitement and stunned at the sight of such untold wealth, he told himself, “I’ll take some coins. Nobody will ever know!” And he filled four bags full. The second he reached home, Ali Baba locked the door and emptied the sacks in front of his astounded wife. “Count them,” he ordered her triumphantly, before telling her what had happened. But there were far too many coins for these poor people to count. “We can’t count them all. Run to my brother’s house and ask him for a corn measure. Well use that,” said All Baba. (Read other article at : Usia Dunia Hanya 3 Hari)

      When Kasim’s wife heard this strange request, her curiosity was aroused what they want to measure while they were far too poor.  And she quickly brushed a touch of tar across the bottom of the measuring pail. And when she got the pail back there was something stuck to it – as the clever woman had known there would be. It was a gold coin. “A gold coin. Where did that come from? They’re the poorest of the poor!” And she rushed off to tell her husband. Kasim was most annoyed. ‘How dare my brother have gold coins without telling me about it,” he snapped. And off he marched to ask Ali Baba for an explanation.

      Ali Baba innocently told Kasim his strange story. But he asked him to keep it a secret.

      “Of course,” Kasim promised.

      But he quickly told his wife about it and ordered the servants to saddle ten sturdy mules for next morning. He wanted to get the treasure.

      It was still dark when Kasim and his mule train set out. When he reached the mountain, beyond the forest, he pronounced the magic words and entered the cave. With a beating heart, he crammed as much as he could into the saddle bags. But Kasim’s greed led to his downfall for the bags were so stuffed with treasure that they became too heavy to lift. Kasim realized with a sinking feeling that he would have to leave behind some of his precious burden.

      Meanwhile, the robber band returned. When they saw that the entrance to the cave was open, they rushed inside with drawn swords. Unlucky Kasim was quickly discovered and killed. And the robbers were so fierce that they chopped him into four and left the pieces at the entrance. ‘That will warn any other snooper of the end that awaits him!” shouted the leader.

      Kasim’s wife waiting at home began to worry because it was a day of Kasim did not go home. Finally, he asked for help Alibaba to follow his brother. Alibaba immediately went to the cave of treasures. There he was shocked because to find his brother’s body had been cut. Arriving home, Kasim’s wife crying uncontrollably. Alibaba give her a bag of gold coins. She immediately stopped crying and smiling, she had forgotten the fate of her husband unfortunateness. Alibaba then brought the body of Kasim home. Alibaba and his family gave Kasim a proper burial, without arousing suspicion.

      Elsewhere, in the treasure cave, the thieves were surprised, as Kasim corpse was not there anymore. “No doubt, there must be other people who know about the secret of this cave, let us find and kill him!” Said the head of the robbers. And they began traveling around the city.

      When meeting with a shoemaker, they asked, “Are lately there are people who get rich quick?”. “Alibaba is. He often gives me some money. He is a generous man.” Said the shoemaker

      “Alibaba? “They asked. “Will you take us to him!”.

      After receiving the money from the robbers, the shoemaker led them to Alibaba’s house. The robbers immediately putting a cross on the door of the Alibaba’s house for the sign of them to come back the following night for killing Alibaba. Morgantina (the clever servant), noticed the strange mark. Her suspicions aroused, she quickly drew red cross on all the other doors in the street.

      At dead of night the robber band arrived to take revenge, but at the sight of all the red crosses, they stopped in their tracks. Which was the right door? Morgantina had unknowingly saved her master from death and the leader of the gang put his man to the sword for giving him a false lead.

      Disguised as a merchant, the robber went to the shoemaker. Delighted at the idea of earning more money, the shoemaker took the robber to Ali Baba’s palace. And the robber fixed in his mind the exact place and street. Back in his hideout, he ordered two of his men to buy a cart and thirty nine giant jars. Now, after the murder of the messenger, there were only one leader pretended as a merchant and thirty eight other robbers left, each hid in a jar. The last jar was filled with oil and loaded with the others onto the cart pulled by four horses. The robbers set off for the city. It was late when they reached the palace and Ali Baba himself came out.

      “What can I do for you?” Alibaba said.

      “I’m an oil merchant,” replied the leader, “and I must be at market tomorrow. It’s late and were weary. Can you give us a bed for the night?”

      Alibaba warmly welcomed the merchant and had the cart taken into the courtyard. After a good meal, the leader of the band went back to the courtyard. He said he was going to make sure than none of the jars had been damaged during the journey. But in fact, he warned his men to be ready, at a signal, to leap from the jars and kill everyone in the palace.

      As the household slept, Morgantina lingered in the kitchen to tidy up. Suddenly, she thought she would have a sip of the merchant’s oil to see if it was as tasty as her own. (Beside reading Ali Baba and Forty Robbers, you can Read other article at : I Leave My Heart In Lebanon Seri 2)

      But when she lifted the lid from the first jar, to her horror, a gruff voice growled, “Is it time?”

      “No, not yet,” muttered Morgantina hastily.

      At every jar, exactly the same thing happened. But the last one was filled with oil which she dragged back into the kitchen. She then tipped the contents into a huge cauldron and heated it over the fire. Then, taking a jarful of boiling oil, Morgantina poured it over the head of a robber. She then poured the oil over every one of the robbers and, in this way, wiped out the whole band. Then she hid in a comer.

      A little later, the leader of the robber band hurried into the courtyard to give the signal to attack. But when he raised the lids, he found to his terror that every one of his men was dead. Finding that all his gang were dead; and, enraged to despair at having failed in his design, he forced the lock of a door that led from the yard to the garden, and climbing over the walls made his escape.

      Next morning, Morgantina told Ali Baba of her adventure. “I will never be able to thank you enough!” exclaimed Ali Baba. “You are an amazing girl. From this second you are no longer a slave but a free member of this household.”. at last Morgantina was as Alibaba’s family.

      The last story Ali Baba and Forty Robbers that Ali Baba was the only person left who knew the secret of the treasure. He made wise use of it for many years. But he never told anyone the magic words that would open the cave of the Forty Thieves.

The End Story of Ali Baba and Forty Robbers

       That’s all the story of Ali Baba and Forty Robbers we can share for this occasion. We hope the story of Ali Baba and Forty Robbers above can amuse us and we can take the moral value of story Ali Baba and Forty Robbers. (Read other article at : Soal Seni Rupa Dua Dimensi)

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