Advice of Wise Merchant

Advice of Wise Merchant

Advice of Wise Merchant

Advice of Wise Merchant

      Once upon a time, there were two young men of the village who wanted to seek their fortunes to the city. They were best friends that despite being friends since childhood, however, they both had opposite behavior. One was Xiao who was a hard worker, but the other was Lao who used to rely on the help of others, the excess was simply good at hanging out, so he was much liked by people. While the hard worker was the one who tend to work in silence.

      However, both of them were remain mutually supporting each other. Then, when both of them wanted to change the fate of the city, they pledged to each other keeping one another. (also read : Man in Loving Money Too Much)

      One day, in the middle of the journey they had to pass through the wilderness, they brake for a moment under the shady trees. They told each other about their ideals in the future while working in the city later. However, in the midst of fun chat, they heard the voice of the people for asking help. They were shocked, there was a weak voice for help in the middle of the forest tends to be quiet.

      In a little bit of fear, both of them were looking for the source of the sound. Slowly, they approached the voice for help sounded like moans. After walking a few steps, they were struck by a huge gaping holes in the middle of the forest. They were peeking inside to the inside, where the source of the sound.     

      When they looked in the hole, there was a young man floppy. He apparently had been dropped into a pit trap which was usually installed to trap the animals of the forest. Then, the two companions were hurried search for roots in the forest for woven into rope to save the youth from the bottom of the hole. For quite a while they tried to help the youth because the hole was quite deep. The youth finally was successfully helped going out from the hole in the afternoon. 

      Then they helped give first aid on the youth. After giving him enough drink and food is perfunctory, the youth conscious, though he was not fully recovered. (Also read other article at : Janji Indah Palsu Belaka)

      “Thank you for helping me. You are very kind. Maybe my life has already ended up in the hole if you don’t help me. As an expression of gratitude, both of you should follow me to go to the city in order I can give something “, said the young man.

      “Don’t mention it, we’re pleased to be able to help you take out from survive the hole. We’ll still drop you into town, because it is our goal to get there, “said Lao, the young man who was easy to make friendship.

      Towards the dark, all the three young men were already out of the forest to get to the city. While walking slowly, the three of them ever engaging conversation. “Why would you both go to town? Where will you guys actually want to? “asked the young man.

      Xiao, an enterprising young man who works replied, “we are simply youth who want to change the fortunes of the village to the city. “

      “Gee, coincidence. Follow you guys with me. My father will surely want to help people who have help me, “said the young man.

      Arriving in the city, it turned out that the young man is the son of a rich merchant. His penchant for hunting animals in the forest. Since then, he had been dropped into a pit in the Woods, until rescued by two young men of the village, Lao and Xiao. Apparently, it was a great luck for Lao and Xiao, because of their helping for saving the children of people celebrated in the city. So they soon got a job and a decent wage by working to the father of the young man.

      Days had changed, years was passing. Lao and Xiao was considered to be the merchant own family. Lao who was clever mingling, clever in taking on hearts for these families, especially the youth of their children, so that everywhere was always both. Unfortunately, both of them just often played around and had fun. Instead, Xiao which was tend to be quiet but diligent work, the more trusted to handle the Affairs of the family business. (Also read other article at : Soal UKK Prakarya Kelas 7 SMP Bagian 1)

      For these conditions, the merchant wanted to give lessons to his son. “My son, one day you will become the heir of my business. Therefore, I want you to choose a confidant that you can count on. Well, before later you I give the responsibility of taking care of this business, you have to test me. There is a family business in the port there that need to be repaired. Your duty, is now trying to fix the business. Choose between the Lao or Xiao to help you. If you are success, all this effort will I inherit is to you. On the contrary, if it fails, I’ll give it to others that I think are most appropriate to continue this effort. I give time until one year! “

      Because it was more familiar with Lao, the young man ever chosen to accompany the task. Months passed. Since both were often only tinkering, then so much the better, instead of the venture even the more severe condition. Then, when a year had passed, both of them failed. They were facing the merchants with faces downcast shy.

      “O my son, you have failed to meet mine. You know, it’s like getting a “windfall”, had a successful father yet continued. So too with Lao, trust but not executed well. Good luck indeed often come up, but it could be “windfall” it will not come up twice. Only those who are willing to strive and work harder, then luck–luck is another approach. “

      The merchants continued, “Look at Xiao, although subdued, but he is a hard worker. I see the potential in him. This time, I forgive you. But with the terms, you and Lao must learn, how to work hard to be able to create good luck–luck of others in your life! “

The END story of Advice of Wise Merchant

That’s all the story of Advice of Wise Merchant. We hope the story about Advice of Wise Merchant above can amuse and give learning us. (read Indonesian article in : Dia Sebagai Pelengkap Tulang Rusukku)

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