Adverb of Place

Adverb of Place

Adverb of Place

        What do you think about our material entitled Adverb of frequency? Is it easy to understand? We hope so. And in this session we’d like to discuss another kind of adverb, it is about Adverb of place. In this case we’ll discuss about the function, words related to it and its examples. (also read : Adverb of Frequency)

Let’s go to the material of adverb of place:

The Function of Adverb of Place

        An adverb of place is a word used to tell us about the place of action or where something happens or where action occurs / occurred / will occur.


We can stop here for lunch.

We have been living here for several years.

Words related to Adverb of Place

        The words include Adverb of Place such as: here, there, near, somewhere, outside, ahead, on the top, at some place, above, below, outside, over there, there, under, upstairs, downstairs, everywhere, nowhere, inside, etc.


He will come here.

The children are playing outside.

He was standing near the wall.

They rushed for their lives when fire broke out in the floor below.

He lives somewhere in New York.

She went upstairs.

Adverbs of Place is used to answer the question “Where?”.


Please sit here. (Where should I sit?)

They looked everywhere. (Where did they look?)

Two cars were parked outside. (Where were two cars parked?)

The position of adverb of place

        Because Adverbs of Place mainly used to modify verbs so the position of the adverb is usually placed after verb. It means that it can be directly placed after verb or other words.


My cat sleeps under the table.

We have the meeting in the hotel.

They were flying kites on the top of hill.

I searched for him everywhere.

        That’s all about Adverb of Place we can discuss in this session. We hope our article above can be function to improve our English, especially our understanding about a kind of adverb. (also read : Types or Kinds of Adverb)

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