Abunawas the Judge Message

Abunawas the Judge Message

The Judge Message
Part 2

Abunawas the Judge Message

      After reading the first part of Abunawas entitled “Abunawas and the Gate – Guardian, the readers can continue reading the next part of Abunawas entitled “Abunawas the Judge Message” in which this story tells about the reason of Abunawas why he did not want to be promoted as a caddy.

For the complete story, let’s go reading Abunawas the Judge Message.

      Abunawas said, “My lord, I was tired, was willing to rest, was suddenly required to be present at this place, even though I was no guilt. For this, I ask for compensation. I have allotted time off because I’ve fulfilled my lord calls. And tomorrow I have to find a living for my family. “

      Sultan Harun Al Rasyid was surprised by the protests of Abunawas , but suddenly he burst out laughing and said, “Hahahaha … do not worry Abunawas .”

      His Majesty then ordered the royal treasurer to give a bag of silver money to Abunawas. Abunawas went home happily. But arriving at the house, Abunawas was still acting weird and eccentric even more like a real madman. (Also read : Malin Kundang the Prodigal Son)

      One day Sultan Harun Al Rashid held a meeting with his ministers.

      “What do you think if Abunawas is promoted as a caddy? I want to have a caddy.” Wazir or Prime Minister said,” Seeing the situation of Abunawas ’ brain was getting worse, in my opinion that it can be Your Majesty’s consideration, whether it’s better to promote other people become a caddy.”

      Other ministers also expressed the same opinion. 

      “My lord, Abunawas has become insane therefore it is unreasonable to promote him to be a caddy.”

      “Well, we have to wait until twenty-one days, because his father had just died. If he does not get better therefore we look for something else as a caddy.”  Said the king. (Also read other article at : Comfortable House My Palace)

     After one month over but Abunawas was still considered to be crazy, then Sultan Harun Al Rashid promoted other people to be a caddy or royal prince of Baghdad. It was said in a big meeting there was someone named Polan to be promoted as a caddy. Actually Polan had been ambitious to become caddy for a long time, he affected people around the king to agree if he was promoted as a caddy, so when he submitted himself to be a caddy,the Majesty King agreed after he had supported by the people round the king.

      When hearing there was someone appointed to be the caddy, Abunawas then gave thanks to God.

      “Thank God I was released from custody terrible. 

      But., .. Oh My God, why should Polan that be promoted as the caddy? Polan, why should not be someone else?”

      Why did Abunawas behave like a madman? The story was this:

      On a day when his father was seriously ill and he almost died Abunawas was beside his father to overlook him. Abunawas was coming to find his father had been already very weak. 

      Said his father, “My son, I am almost dead. Now kiss my left ear and right ear.”

      Abunawas immediately obeyed his father’s last request. He kissed his father’s ears. The father’s right ear was aromatic, while the left was very foul smelling.

      “How do you smell my son? Have you kissed my ears?”

      “Yes Dad! I have”

      “Tell me with frankness, How do they smell?”

      “Oh Dad, it is really surprising, the smell of your right ear is fragrance at all. But … the left one is really very foul smell.”

      “My son Abunawas , you must know why this could happen!”

      “Oh my father, try to tell me so-on.” (Also read other article at : Ulurkan Tanganmu Wahai Istriku)

     Then Abunawas ’ father started telling “One day two men came to me complaining about the problem. The one I listened to complaints. But the other one because of I did not like then I heard no complaints. This is the risk of becoming caddy (prince). If one day you like to be a caddy then you will experience respects same problem as me, but if you do not like to be a caddy then make a plausible reason for you not to be chosen by Sultan Harun Al Rashid as the caddy. But if your reason is usual as common, I think he still choose you as a caddy so you have to make a plausible reason that it will make Sultan Harun Al Rashid is not able to choose you as a caddy. Think it my son”

      From Abunawas explanation, that’s why Abunawas pretending to be madman. His goal was just to avoid being appointed as a caddy or judge man in which at that time the position as judge man was to decide a case.

      However, Although Abunawas was not a caddy but he was often invited by the King for consulting to decide a case. In fact he was often forced to come to court just to answer of the weird and absurd questions from Sultan Harun Al Rasyid.

The END story of Abunawas the Judge Message

That’s all the story of Abunawas the Judge Message we can share. We hope the story of Abunawas the Judge Message above can amuse us. (Also read other article at : Soal PAT Matematika Kelas 7 Bagian 2)

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