Abunawas Became a Rooster

Abunawas Became a Rooster

Abunawas Became a Rooster

Abunawas Became a Rooster

        One more the story about Abunawas, rhe smart man. It was the story of Abunawas Became a Rooster. The story of Abunawas Became a Rooster was as below. (also read : Abunawas and the Ordered Letter)

        One day all the nine ministers of the kingdom came together in the palace because they were called by King Harun Al Rasyid. When they had gathered, the king said “You have to know that I call you all because I want to see how smart Abunawas is.”

        “We have known that he is really smart. So what is your plan and what should we do, Your Majesty?” asked one of them. 

        “As you know there is a pond in the palace garden. I’ll put nine eggs in that pond. I’ll ordered the nine of you and Abunawas to dive into that pond in turn and take the eggs for me, one egg for each of you. Thus, the last person who dive into the pond will find no egg. The last person must be Abunawas. I want to know how he will solve this problem when he got nothing in the pond,” the king explained about his plan. (Also read other article at : Expectation Reality Dream)   

        The next day, the king ordered his guard to call Abunawas to the palace. When he arrived, King Harun then ordered the guards to call all nine ministers. When they arrived, they found Abunawas was with the king, king Harun then said, “Ten of you are the men that I love most. So far I see that you love me, too. But today I want you to show how much you love me. Go down into the pond in the palace garden. Each of you should find an egg in that pond for me. Those eggs will be a token of your love for me. If you fail to find an egg for me, it means that you don’t love me.”

        Abunawas wondered about the king’s intention behind his order. However, when he watched the ministers one by one, they neither looked surprised nor confused.

        Soon the king, the nine minister and Abunawas went to the pond. One of the minister got first turn to dive into the pond. In a few second, he appeared again with an egg on his right hand. He climbed up and gave the egg to the king respectfully. The king looked happy. Then other ministers took turns to do the same thing as the first. Abunawas got the last turn. He thought that there were many eggs in the bottom of the pond. Soon he jumped into it. (Also read other article at : Cara Menulis Naskah Pidato Bahasa Inggris)

        After some time diving and looking for the egg in the pond, Abunawas appeared on the surface of the pond. He saw all the ministers had laid their eggs on the table in front of the king.

        Abunawas dived into the pond again. He was still sure that there were many eggs inside the pond. He searched at the bottom of the pond. Unfortunately, he did not get the egg. He finally thought that the king was just giving a trick to him. Suddenly he smiled and his eyes flickered with a bright idea.

        He got out of the pond. Suddenly he patted his own thighs and make a crowing sound, “cockoruyuuuk-a-doodle-do, cookoruyuuk-a-doodle-do!” 

        The king and the ministers laughed at what he had just done.

        The king soon asked, “Where is the egg, Abu? Everybody gets an egg for me, except you. You don’t present anything to me. You don’t love me, do you?” asked the king pretended he was angry. (Also read other article at : Soal Seni Rupa 2 Dimensi)

        “I’m sorry, Your Majesty. My present is the most important one,” said Abunawas.

        “You didn’t give me anything for showing your love to me” Said the king again. 

        “I did, Your Majesty,” answered Abunawas. “The ministers who give you eggs are the hens. A hen can only lay an egg if there is a rooster. I am the rooster that help the nine ministers produce the eggs. Without me, they would not be able to present any egg, Your Majesty.”

        All of the people laughed at him. They agreed with Abunawas’ expalation.

The END story of Abunawas Became a Rooster

        That’s all the story of Abunawas Became a Rooster. (also read : Be Confident of Yourself Capability)

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