Abunawas Became a King

Abunawas Became a King

Abunawas Became a King

Abunawas Became a King

     One more story about Abunawas entitled “Abunawas Became a King” shared in this occasion. (also read : Seven Girls and a Witch)

     One day all the ministers and important persons of the kingdom were supposed to meet the king Harun Al Rasyid. However, the king noticed that Abunawas did not come to the palace so he sent a guard to call Abunawas.

     Knowing that the calling was from the king, it made Abunawas directly came to the palace. That time he knew that the king looked angry with him. He did not dare to look at the king’s face.

“Abu, why do you not want to meet me today?” asked the king shortly. (Also read other article at : The World Is Full Of Love Words)

“I’m so sorry, Your Majesty. I do not see today because I have a lot of works to do,” answered Abunawas.

“So, do you think your works are more important than me?” asked the king angrily.

Hearing this question, Abunawas was just silent.

Then the king continued, “I’d like to ask you some questions. You have to answer them correctly. If you can’t, you’ll be punished!”

What are they, Your Majesty?” Abunawas started to dare asking.
“First, what is God doing now? Second, how many stars are there in the sky? And finally, where is the center of the earth?” asked the king

“I’m so sorry, You Majesty. I can’t answer such questions right now. Your Majesty should fulfill one condition before I answer the questions,” said the smart man.

“What is it?” asked the king astonished. (Also read other article at : Contoh Judul Skripsi Bahasa Indonesia)

“Your Majesty, if you want to know my answer, you have to get down from your throne, I’ll sit on it and answer your questions,” answered Abunawas.

The king got down from the throne. Then Abunawas went to the throne and sat on it. His feet stepped on a mat made of a piece of goat skin.

“Abunawas, answer my questions!” said the king who was at the time standing on the floor.

“Your first question is what God is doing today. Just now God is getting you down from the throne and lifting up a layman, Abunawas, to the throne of this kingdom,” answered Abunawas.

There was a silence before the king asked, “What about the second question? How many stars are there in the sky?”

“Your Majesty, if you really want to know your second question about the number of the stars in the sky, let me tell you,” said Abunawas. His right hand took the goat skin from his feet. “The number of the stars is the same as the number of the fur on this goat skin. If you don’t believe me, you can count them yourself”

“Count the fur of the goat? Who was in the world can count it?” asked the king a little angrily. (Also read other article at : Soal Pilihan Ganda Materi Seni Suara)

Abunawas answered quickly. “The same case happens to the stars. Who was in the world can count the stars? Only God knows!”

“All right. Now I want to know your answer about my third question, where is the center of the earth. Answer it quickly! Don’t be too long sit on my throne!”

Abunawas quickly grabbed the spear beside him. He threw it to the floor. It stood just in front of the king.

“Your Majesty, that is the center of the earth. If you don’t believe me, order your people to measure its distance from the West, East, North and South of the earth!”

“Abu, who can measure the distance? Don’t be kidding me” asked the king.

“You are right, Your Majesty. Only God knows the center point, not Abunawas nor King Aaron,” Abunawas answered calmly.
After answering all the king’s questions, soon Abunawas got down from the throne.

As the king Harun Al Rasyid heard the answers of Abunawas, he realized that Abunawas was really a smart and wise man. He loved him more than before. Meanwhile Abunawas was happy because Abunawas Became a King although this happened in a short time as he had sat on the throne.

That’s all the story of Abunawas Became a King. (also read : Abunawas Became a Rooster)

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