Abunawas and the Gate guardian

Abunawas and the Gate guardian

Abunawas Story Part 1
Part 1

Abunawas and the Gate guardian        

      My beloved readers, for this occasion I want to post an article entitle “Abunawas and the Gate guardian”

      Who was actually Abunawas? People who were often considered the clown of him, was actually a great scholar and a mystic. Sometimes we misinterpret when we read the stories of Abunawas. We would think of this figure was super cute characters unequaled. Abunawas who was originally a Persian, was born in 750 AD in Ahwaz died in 819 AD in Baghdad. As an adult he wandered into Bashra and Kufa. There he learned Arabic and tightly associate with people of the desert Bedouin. (Also read : Story of Ajisaka and Dewata Cengkar)

      Because of her social, he advanced Arabic language and customs and penchant Arabs “, he was also good at poetry and singing. He had returned to his country, but went back to Baghdad with his ​​father, both of them devote themselves to the Sultan Harun Al Rashid King of Baghdad. His father was the ruler of Abunawas Kingdom of Baghdad named Maulana. One day his father’s old Abunawas was seriously ill and eventually died.

      Abunawas was summoned to the palace. He ordered the Sultan (King) to bury his father’s corpse as customary Sheikh Maulana. What did Abunawas was almost no different from Maulana Kadi good about bathing the corpse until die procedures, praying, the Sultan intended to appoint Abunawas into or prince replaced his father.

     But … after hearing the Emperor’s plan. Suddenly a bright Abunawas was turned into a crazy look. After his father’s funeral, Abunawas  took a piece of banana stems and stem the execution like a horse, he rode a horse from the trunk bananas as he ran toward his house from his father’s grave. People who saw his action, made astonished.

      On another day he took many sufficient quantity little children to go to the tomb of his father. And on top of the tomb of his father that he took the children play tambourines and rejoice. Now all the people were more surprising for the conduct of Abunawas, they thought that Abunawas had become insane since his father had passed away.

     One day there were some people envied to Sultan Harun al-Rashid to come to see Abunawas .

      “O Abunawas you are summoned to the palace of the Sultan to face him.” Said the envoy of Sultan.

      “Why will the sultan call me, I’m not there for him.” Answered Abunawas conveniently like there was no-burden.

      “O Abunawas, you should not say such things to your king.”

      “O envoy, you do not talk too much. Quick pick up your horse and bathe in the river so is your body to be clean and fresh.” Abunawas said, handing the envoy a banana tree which was used as a rocking horse.

      The envoy was just shaking his head to see the behavior of Abunawas.

      “Abunawas , Don’t you want to face the Emperor?” said the envoy.

      “Tell to your king, I have already known so I do not want to meet him.” said Abunawas .

      “What do you mean Abunawas?” the envy asked with curiosity.

      “Go there, just say to your king.” said Abunawas  

     The envoy get out of Abunawas’ house. They reported that such a state of Abunawas was not facing to the Sultan Harun Al Rashid. With a furious Sultan said, “You are fool all, only exposes Abunawas here just incompetent! Let’s go there to the house of Abunawas , bring him here with a voluntary or forced.” The envoy immediately invited some soldiers and by force of Abunawas at present before the king. (Also read other article at : Latihan Soal UNBK Bahasa Inggris)

      But again, before the king pretended to Abunawas pylon even reckless behavior should not be in the presence of a king.

      “Abunawas , act polite!” King admonished.

      “Yes sir, do you know ….?”

      “What …?” Abunawas  

      “Your Majesty … the origin of the shrimp paste!”

      “Abunawas , you insult me!”

      “No, Your Majesty! Who said condiment shrimp comes from?” King felt harassed, he was furious and immediately gave orders to his guards. “Guard! Beat him as many as twenty-five times”

     Ooh-ooh! Abunawas that skinny was finally beaten helplessly limp burly soldier.

      After being beaten Abunawas told to exit the palace. When he reached the gate of the city, he was intercepted by guards.

      “O Abunawas ! Other day when you’re about to go into this town we have entered into an agreement. Have you forgotten your promise that? If you have been given a gift by His Majesty then you say: I’m for two, you are a part, I am a part. Well, now where is my share? “

      “Hi gate- guardian, if you really want a prize, Suredo you want I give it?”

      “Yes, of course it is already our agreement”

      “Well, I will give everything, not just one part!”

     “How kind you are Abunawas. It should be so, you’re right.”

      “Have you often received gifts from the king?”

      Without talking anymore Abunawas take a rather large stick and beat him as many as twenty-five times. Of course people around the gate- guardian were screaming in pain and thought of Abunawas had become insane. After Abunawas hit the gate- guardian, Abunawas left him, he kept walking back to his home. Meanwhile, the gate- guardian complained to the Sultan Harun Al Rashid.

      “Yes, my lord Shah Alam, I beg your pardon forgiveness. I come here to complain that I had been hit by Abunawas as many as twenty-five times without a mistake. I hope a justice of Your Majesty.” The king immediately ordered the guards to call Abunawas .

      After Abunawas come in the presence of the king, he was asked. “O Abunawas! Have you beaten the gate- guardian of this city as many as twenty-five times the punch?”

      Abunawas said, “It is true, my lord, I did it because it should be received by him.”

      “What do you mean? Try to explain causality you beat up him?” asked King. (Also read other article at : Kubawa Cinta Sampai Nafas Terakhir)

     “My lord,” said Abunawas. “The gate- guardian and I have compromised into an agreement that if I was given a gift by His Majesty, the prize would be divided in two. One part for him and a part for me. Well this morning I received a gift of twenty-five times the punch, so I also gave a gift of twenty-five times to him. “

      “Hi gate- guardian, have you compromised into an agreement such as Abunawas explain, “Said the King.

      “Yes my lord,” replied the gate- guardian.

      “But I thought if the king gave a prize gift.”

      “Hahahahaha, basically squeezer you, now hit rock you!” Said the king.

       “Abunawas is not guilty, even now I know that the guard of the gates of Baghdad is a person who likes to blackmail people! If you do not change your bad behavior, I will dismiss and punish you!”

      “Yes, I promise my lord,” replied the gate- guardian with trembling.

      The end story of Abunawas and the Gate guardian part one.

To be continued in Part 2

      That’s all the story of Abunawas and the Gate guardian we can share. We hope the story of Abunawas and the Gate guardian above can amuse us. (Also read other article at : Pencarian Sahabat Sejati)

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