About Me

About Me

About Me

      My name is Nurdiono. It is also the name of my website in which the title of it is “Meaningful Life”. However, “Addin Kayyisa” is my name for Google+.

      In this web I want to share about my little knowledge related to English and others. I hope by visiting this web, the visitors as my beloved friends are able to get information everything to increase the English skills such as reading, grammar, speaking and others.

      This web is also give information about some recreation places around Indonesia. It also consists of general information, especially for Moslem or someone who are interested tips.

      I live in a small village in Sidoarjo Regency. I live there because I have to work every day at State School. I am a teacher at that school. I am also as a lecturer of one of University. Its name is STIKES RS ANWAR MEDIKA.

      I live happily with my family because they all always support what I do. I want to tell a little biography about me. This is my story.

      I was born in Jombang. It was exactly in a little village far away from the town of Jombang, but soon after my birth, my family moved to Mojokerto so when I was child, I spent my life in Mojokerto. There was about seven years I was there. After seven years living in Mojokerto, we moved back to Jombang.

    I studied from Elementary School up to Teacher’s Educational School (level of Senior High School) in Jombang. After finishing Teacher’s Educational School, I continued my study at Teacher’s Training and Education Science Institute (IKIP) Surabaya for three years (for Diploma-3) so I lived there about three years.

      Directly after graduating from D-3, I lived in Bangkalan, Madura. I had been there for two years for teaching in Vocational School and then I moved to Sumenep, Madura. I lived in Sumenep about seven years. After seven years in Sumenep, I was moved by government to Sidoarjo for teaching a state school. While teaching, I continued my study at Surabaya University (UNESA) for S-1 and then continued at Islamic University of Malang for Post Graduate Programme (S-2). I finished studying for S-2 in 2012.

      Now I am teaching in Junior High School ( SMPN 1 Tarik), Vocational School (SMK Taruna) and also University ( STIKES RS Anwar Medika). I want my knowledge useful for others.

      That’s all about my brief biography and information of the web. Hopefully it will be useful for others.

Please contact me via,

Email: akayysa@gmail.com

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Salam Ukhuwah.