9 Examples of Anecdote Text

9 Examples of Anecdote Text

9 Examples of Anecdote Text

9 Examples of Anecdote Text

Below are some examples of Anecdote Text For more understanding about Anecdote Text,

9 Examples of Anecdote Text, Example 1

A foolish order

I was working in a photo store, which specializes in restoring old photographs.

One day, a lady brought an old picture of a man sitting behind cow milk, milking it.

“Can you fix this picture for me?” she asked.

“Sure, what would you like us to do?”

“Can you move the cow?”

I stared at her astonishingly and replied, “Move the cow?”

“Right. I want to know what my great-grandfather looked like. That’s him.” she pointed to the feet sticking out under the cow.

“I don’t think we can do that.”

“Just move the cow over, and we’ll be able to see his face.” She insisted.

“I’m sorry. We don’t have the technology to do that.”

“Well, I think I’ll just take this somewhere else.”

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9 Examples of Anecdote Text, Example 2

Dave   Experience

Soon after Dave left college, one of his uncles, who was rich died and left Dave a lot of money.

So he decided to set up his own real estate agency.

He had only been there for a few hours when he heard some one coming towards the door of his office.

“It’s my first customer!” he thought. He quickly picked up the telephone and pretended to be very busy answering an important call from someone in New York who wanted to buy a big and expensive house in the country.

The man knocked at the door while this was going on, came in, and waited politely for the agent to finish his conversation. Then he said to me, “I’m from the telephone company, and I was sent here to connect your telephone.”

9 Examples of Anecdote Text, Example 3

A Blessing behind Tragedy

There was a black family in Scotland years ago. They were Clark’s family with nine children. They had a dream to go to America. The family worked and saved. They were making plans to travel with their children to America. It had taken several years but finally, they had saved enough money. They had gotten a passport. They had booked seats for the whole family member in a new liner to America.

The entire family was full of anticipation and excitement with their new life in America. However a few days before their departure, the youngest son was bitten by a dog. The doctor sewed up the boy. Because of the possibility of getting rabies, there were being quarantined for long days. They were in quarantine when the departure time came. The family dreams were dashed. They could not make the trip to America as they had planned. The father was full of disappointment and anger. He stomped the dock to watch the ship left without him and his family. He shed tears of disappointment. He cursed both his son and God for the misfortune.

Five days later, the tragic news spread throughout Scotland. The ship, the mighty Titanic, had shank. It took hundreds of passengers and crew with it. Titanic which had been called the unsinkable ship had sunk. It was unbelievable but it was.

The Clark family should have been on that ship, but because of the bitten son by a dog, they were left behind. When the father heard the news, he hugged the son and thanked him for saving the family. He thanked God for saving their lives. It was a blessing behind a tragedy

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9 Examples of Anecdote Text, Example 4

Welcome to America

It’s the first time for young Jose to travel to the United States from Mexico. He made his first trip to Yankee Stadium, but there were no tickets left for sale.

Taking pity on the poor guy, a friendly ticket salesman found him an empty seat near the American flag. Later. Jose wrote home enthusiastically about his experience. “The Americans are so friendly!”, He concluded

Before the game started, they all stood up and looked at me and sang, “Jose, can you see?” (The first

line of the US anthem, “Oh, say, can you see?”)

9 Examples of Anecdote Text, Example 5


Guess what happened when there was a fisherman who threw a big fish back into the water and keep only that small one? It is an unusual incident, isn’t it?

One morning, a man was crossing a narrow bridge. When he saw a fisherman under him on the shady bank of the deep smooth river, he stopped to watch him quietly.

He saw that the fisherman took off the hook and caught a big fish. But he threw it back to the water. Then he put his hook and line in again. After a minute he caught rather big fish. Again, he threw it back into the river. Then the third time, he caught a small fish. He put it into his basket and started to get ready to go. The man on the bridge was very surprised, so he spoke to the fisherman. He asked why did he threw those beautiful big fishes back into the water and just kept only the small one.

The fisherman looked up and answered, “I only have a small frying pan.”

9 Examples of Anecdote Text, Example 6

Snake in the Bath

How would you like to find a snake in your bath? A nasty one too!

We had just moved into a new house, which had been empty for so long that everything was in a terrible mess. Anna and I decided we would clean the bath first, so we set to and turned on the tap.

Suddenly to my horror, a snake’s head appeared in the plug-hole. Then out slithered the rest of his long thin body. He twisted and turned on the slippery bottom of the bath, spitting and hissing at us.

For an instant, I stood there quite paralyzed. Then I yelled for my husband, who luckily came running and killed the snake with the handle of a broom. Anna, who was only three at the time, was quite interested in the whole business. Indeed I had to pull her out of the way or she’d probably have leaned over the bath to get a better look!

Ever since then I’ve always put the plugin firmly before running the bathwater.

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9 Examples of Anecdote Text, Example 7

The Power of Tradition

The young husband clearly loved to cook and the dinners he served his new wife convinced her that she was indeed a lucky woman.

One thing puzzled her, though, and at last, she decided to enquire. “Oh, my dear. Why do you always cut a small piece off the end of the roast before you put it into the oven?”

“Well, to tell the truth. I do it because my mother always does it,” he replied.

At the next family gathering, the wife decided to satisfy her curiosity. She drew her mother in law aside and put the question to her. The older woman went a bit red, and replied, “Well, to tell the truth, I do it because my mother always does it.”

Undaunted, the wife waited until they paid a visit to eighty years old Nan. Knowing she’d enjoy hearing the story, she told her about her persevering quest to find the answer to the chopped off the roast.

“Incredible,” she croaked. “Imagine the two of them doing that!. ”Why, I only cut the piece off because my pan was too small.”

9 Examples of Anecdote Text, Example 8

My Secret Alias

Hi, I’m Jack Banner. I’m a secret agent, but I’m here on vacation. Guess what happened to me. I almost forget my identity.

I arrived at the airport in the afternoon. The flight was not really good. So I only had a little sleep. Nobody picked me up, so I took a taxi to the hotel. I asked the driver to take me to the hotel my agent had reserved.

At the hotel, I went directly to the receptionist’s desk. I told her that I had reserved a room. After a minute she looked at me and said that nobody had reserved under Jack Baner. And the hotel was full. I thought there was something wrong. But what could I do?

Then I went to a public phone. I called my travel agent back in my country and told her about my problem. I was surprised to know that the problem was so simple. They reserved a room at this hotel under Johny Goodbye, my alias. I am a secret agent, remember?

I was so embarrassed. I shouldn’t have forgotten my alias.

9 Examples of Anecdote Text, Example 9


I was from a big family. I had two aunts and one uncle whose house was so far away from my house. I was the oldest child and had three brothers and one sister. I had a lot of friends and I really loved them. Every day, after school, as the village kids, we gathered in the field of the village together. There, we could play soccer, play kite, play “Back through Door” game, play marbles, and play some other gams of children in the village. We were really close friends.

One day, Thinky, my cousin, said, “Hi Friends, you already know that my father is a smart farmer. He has created the scarecrow that makes birds never approached our rice again. They just watch from three miles away. They do not dare to take even a grain of rice,” he bragged. “That’s good,” said one of my friends. “It’s nothing,” says Pinky, a friend who also loved to brag. “My dad had created a so big-talk that created a so big-dark scarecrow that the birds returned all of the rice that they had picked some days ago.”

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