Example of Speech about Narcotics

Example of Speech about Narcotics

Example of Speech about Narcotics

      As we know, not everyone can write a speech with his own hands, there are some people who can even make speeches because they often hear and see people make a speech. If you are one of them, maybe a post about Example of Speech about Narcotics is able to help you to improve your ability in speech. (Also read : Conversation about Opening an account at the Bank) read more

Speech Text of Student Farewell

Speech of Student Farewell

        Speech Text of Student Farewell. Below is the speech text of student’s farewell (Naskah Pidato Perpisahan) on Purna Widya Program of SMPN 1 Tarik 2016. This speech will be spoken by Intan Salsabila Maulidina Sari from IX-A. She is one of my clever students in English. She is also confident in speaking so I appoint her to represent the students of grade XI in giving impression and message on Purna Widya (farewell) Program. The Speech Text is as below. read more

Speech about Giving Motivation (Pidato tentang Motivasi)

Speech about Motivation

       Speech about Giving Motivation (Pidato tentang Motivasi). Below is the example about speech entitled giving Motivation to Students. However, You can enlarge the contain of the speech based your own topic. read more

Regular and Irregular Verb

Regular and Irregular Verb

        Regular and Irregular Verb. Verbs are very important in part of speech. They should be used in constructing a sentence. It means that we should use verb when we want to make a sentence. For this, in this occasion I want to share about Regular and Irregular Verb. Let’s discuss. read more

Definition and Kinds of Part of Speech

Part of Speech

       Definition and Kinds of Part of Speech. A part of speech is a category of words (or, more generally, of lexical items) which have similar grammatical properties. Whereas words can be considered as the smallest elements that have distinctive meanings. read more

Reported or Indirect and Direct Speech

Direct and Indirect Speech

    Reported or Indirect and Direct Speech. In communication we often have to give information about what people say or think. In order to do this we can use direct / quoted speech, or indirect / reported speech. read more